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Friday, April 8, 2011


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This week’s prompt(s)

We are into April, National Poetry Month,
and some of you are madly writing-a-poem-a-day.
And some of you are saying, “Um, no.”
To keep all our circus-goers happy and well-fed
on cotton candy (inspiration) and peanuts (prompts),
here is a list of seven prompts:

1. Write about a broken window.
2. Write about something that no longer exists.
3. Write a poem with lungs in it.
4. Write a poem as though you are a fish.
5. Write a letter poem to someone in a war zone or a revolution.
6. Write a poem that starts, “I am sorry about _____.”
7. Write a poem that starts, “Legend says ______.”

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Just like me he used to smoke
Hand rolled reefers; cigarettes
That’s what they tell me at least

So I set about my task
Tobacco at the ready
Tissue-thin rolling paper
Sprinkle, roll, lick, seal and light

Fill both lungs full of toxins3
Exhale to his memory
Friend of a friend of a friend

The death of a chain-smoker
Who survived Afghanistan5
Only to fall to Cancer
At the age of twenty nine

Legend says he’s a hero7
History thinks otherwise
Local history at least

Our man – let’s call him John Doe
Is a year passed-on today
Played his part for his country
In a scene from Hell On Earth

Back to civilisation
Where the Peace On Earth Brigade
Play a war-game of their own

Hiding behind their morals
Those without, sin; cast their stones
Music to rabble’s ears, who
Love the sound of window pain1

…Stones and glasshouse residents

Hero saves another day
Takes his wife into his arms

She’s beside herself, poor soul
And flapping about the house
Like a fish out of water4

Justice – what’s all that about?
Whatever became of it?
The justice heroes deserve…?

Alas it no longer exists2
…If it ever did at all

I am sorry about that6