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Saturday, April 23, 2011


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When Doktir Nairobi speaks
The words of The Ancient Ones
“Close your eyes and visualise…”
Using Month Sixty techniques
Sixty degrees separate
The Pan-Pacific Process
From the other side of Time

The Transatlantic Thought Club
Enters a new dimension
Time and Space turn full circle
Three hundred sixty degrees
And Eternity transforms
From a theory; a concept
To an infinite domain

Inhabitants of Tiny Tree
Take a break to visit Time
Travellers like you and me
Experience Life On Earth

Time out from Eternity
To learn the lessons of Life
Our aim; to remember why
And from where and when we came

We use the Memory Chain
It’s not rocket science, it’s
Space Travel For Beginners
…How Nairobic is that…?

Doktir Nairobi is a fictional character
from the pen of Andy Sewina.
Click HERE to find out more.