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Monday, April 4, 2011


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What’s a Tardist?

What’s it got?

What’s a what?

What’s a Tardist?

Not a ‘what’
No it’s not
It’s a ‘who’
As in Time Lord Doctor Who

Who’s a Tardist?
You say Doctor Who is a Tardist?

Doctor Who is only The only Tardist
Pilot of a Time Machine
No less
Tell me you can see what I mean

Oh yes

To drive a TARDIS
Is not the hardest task to face
Regardless of Time and Space
In any case
They’re mere dimensions
Inventions created by Man
Doctor Who is no big fan
Because Who really is the man

So what’s a Time Lord?

Who’s a Time Lord
Who’s a ‘who’ who should be adored
And his TARDIS Temple should be toured
On journeys through Relative Dimensions
Extensions we positively activate
While we celebrate the times he’s saved
The day, the age
Wave upon wave
Of Daleks invading Earth
It was worth the Time Lord’s time
Time after time
The Doctor’s worth every dime
Who’s sublime?

Doctor Who, that’s Who

Who‘s Doctor Who?

You know who
You know Doctor Who
Who’s the Tardist