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Monday, April 5, 2010


For Read Write Poem
NaPoWriMo Day 5

Today, let’s make poetry really personal.
Give poetry, as you write it, a name.
Possibly a gender.
And a personality.
A poet I know has written (and continues to write) a series of poems based on this principle,
and I shamelessly ripped it off (with permission, of course) and made a poem I called “Sasha.”
Sasha is many things, all at the same time, yet all are Sasha/poetry to me.
So it’s your turn.
Give poetry — how you view poetry, what poetry means to you, your poetry — a name.
Now write a poem suits your view or vision.

A certain je ne sais quoi to a lot of my writing, so I call it plain ‘X'


Your tamarind-tart humour
puts some off you; draws some in.
Your egg-shell outer coating,
sturdy-looking yet so thin,
conceals an inner softness;
closely guarded no-go zone,
displayed on rare occasion
to reveal your heart of stone.


  1. That's a touch don't touch circumstance - but isn't so much of life that's worth anything...
    Image & Verse

  2. Thanks Rob; If my words can trigger a reaction and provoke thought, then I consider it mission accomplished. Whether or not opinions expressed are my own, is beside the point - they are always subject to interpretation anyway.

  3. Really enjoyed the egg-shell metaphor. Grat work.

  4. I liked this poem a lot.It paints a familiar landscape.

  5. great take on the prompt!

    and now, for some reason, I'm hungry.

  6. This poem provides a feeling of texture, and at the same time leaves the reader at a distance with the cold heart of stone. Nice touches.

  7. Stan,
    Very nice take on the prompt!

  8. THIS is another good read Mr Ski..thanks

  9. Yeah, I like the trinity thing you've got going here...

    btw, if the basket in the Tamarind tree picture is six on the clockface, is that a man with a machine gun at eleven?

  10. Thanks to:
    Dan; Appearances...
    Rallentanda; Experience...
    Angie; Suggestion...
    Leonard; Layers...
    Pamela; Perceptions...
    Wayne; Personalities...

  11. Thanks Andy; Got me again - He must be bananas if he thinks no one can see him.