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Sunday, May 8, 2011


For A Wordling Whirl of Sundays
This week's words: tugs, seaweed, released, breathes, slides,water, river, supersedes, evaporation, mist, tiny, embroidered


Evaporation, condensation
Tiny particles of vapour

Mist, to you and me

Dreams released; truth supersedes them
Picture slides back into focus

Face reality

Your embroidered imagination
River cruising, water splashing

Sun soaked summer leave

Our experience – tug boats, seaweed
Frost bite, seasick and an oil slick

As I live and breathe…!

Saturday, May 7, 2011


For Writers Island #19 - Season


Her appearance was totally unexpected and her surroundings, though vaguely familiar were at the same time unusual. Instead of her customary preference to soft pastel shades, she wore a long, black cape, buttoned to the neck. The fur trimmed hood, thrown casually over her head, was speckled with delicate, white flecks of snow, fallen freshly from above. A trail of dark footprints in the icing sugar path behind her, led back to a point, where I could just make out slender tree trunks, rising and bowing to form a canopy of oversized leaves, enclosing the pathway like a tunnel. They faded out of vision in the descending gloom as a fresh fall of fine snow began.

As she opened her mouth to speak, an icy blast of air whipped her words away, whistling through the trees, and bringing with it a further, heavier fall of snow. A whirling wall of whiteness obscured the entire scene.

I awoke, shivering, disorientated and confused.

Initially, I attributed the chill I felt to the dream and my sudden return to consciousness. But as the chill continued to bite, I realised that I was experiencing something I’d not felt these past three years; cold. Not the artificial attempts of air conditioners, but the bone gnawing grip of winter.

“I’m still asleep.” I said out loud, immediately realising I wasn’t. It was almost light, so I sat up to take a look out of the window and try to make some sense of my dream. Outside, a thick blanket of fog, restricted vision to a few yards and an eerie silence added to my confusion. I inhaled a deep breath, which felt sharp as the cold hit the back of my throat. As I exhaled, a jet of steam shot from my mouth. For a fleeting moment, I imagined I was back in England and lightning flashes of memory reminded me of those bleak winter days, when it never quite seemed to get fully light.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011


For We Write Poems - Take it to the limits


I’m going
Into my head
To see if it’s true
What they said about
No bread and half a loaf
Both not the full shilling
But the thing that’s nearly
Killing me
The thing I’m
Really dying to know
Trying to be
Oh so sure of
And not just so by the law of
Is this:

What exactly is the score?

I’m not the sharpest tool
But I’m not a fool
Or am I?
Can I be less
Clearly this is more the case:
No empty space between your ears
May not be
All that it appears
A full loaf only half baked
Make no mistake
Believe you me
Is gonna be
Most detri…

So you see it’s not true
What they said…

…Now I’m going
Out of my head


Monday, May 2, 2011


For A Wordling World of Sundays

This weeks words are: Aching, train, scribbling, thirst, resilient, sustain, revenge, visions, thrumming, animated, hillsides, whispered


Resilient enough to sustain the pressure
Without upsetting your train of thought
You whispered calmly your good intentions
All the while, aching with thirst for revenge

Meanwhile, my head thrumming, I was having visions
Of you scribbling animated scenes
Of hillsides draped in death and destruction
... Like the ones you sketched when you were younger...

Sunday, May 1, 2011


For One Single Impression - Borders
And Sunday Scribblings - Cake


Friday sunshine in that London
South of the North-South divide

Mouths open wide... in awe? Or is it for
Cup cakes, tea cakes, just like Ma'am makes?
Or a cup of tea and a slice of cake?

Highland pipers, piping out
The icing on the cake - Kiss me Kate
That wedding gown - the talk of the town
Designed by the last queen of Scotland
Makes you look dainty as a fairy
... Or some fairly Great Escape artist

Oh William, it was royally nothing!
Just some old thing I threw on
Had it since I was crowned McQueen
Miss Happy Meals, Two Thousand and One

This day has all the ingredients
(All the greed and ignorance)
Just don't mention the Battenburg
So many layers could emerge
And I do have a figure to maintain
So I'll refrain, on this Occasion
With the Nation looking on

Of course I want to have and to hold... it
But those commoners - we'll let them eat it!