LEADERS - not followers

Saturday, June 28, 2008

WI Curiosity, Avenge, Guardian

Sometimes we use expressions without realising
what they actually mean.. Here are a few ‘English’ terms
that refer to money, and are often the subject of my CURIOSITY.
Some of the origins still evade me


They say a bribe, taken from an author, is an ARCHER
And you’re richer, to the tune of TWO THOUSAND POUNDS
But you won’t get much at the grocer’s store, for a TANNER
That’s just SIXPENCE. Maybe not as much as it sounds
In the clothing store, you could try A PAIR OF GREEN KNICKERS
And if I told you that a MONKEY is not a primate
For FIVE HUNDRED POUNDS, would you tell me it’s not fair?
And the powdered horn of a RHINO, sells for a fortune
I’ll take TWO HUNDRED AND FIFTY POUNDS, on the nose
But I think you know that a BAG OF SAND is a THOUSAND
Or a GRAND, or put another way, four RHINO’S
Would you value MACARONI higher than a PONY?
Different name, translation the same – TWENTY FIVE POUNDS
Did you know I’ve got money ‘hanging’ round in my GARDEN?
GARDEN GATE – In POUNDS that’s EIGHT. Not expensive grounds
And the PLUM that ‘Jack Horner’ pulled from his Christmas pudding
Was worth TEN THOUSAND – What a lucky feast to fix!
Just be careful if anyone offers you the KIBOSH
Eighteen months in jail, or EIGHTEEN PENCE – ONE AND SIX
Backwards, 'FORE' makes ROFE, or LOAF. GROAT, a word intact
MARIGOLD is a MILLION, taken from ‘Mary Gold’
Stained glass window, gilded frame – Priceless artefact
Corruption of the French word, TROIS, we understand as THREE
To form a ‘new’ word in English slang – Pronounced TREY
Then metal, cast in slender BAR, to use as currency
A single unit; value ONE, is how we pay
And do you know that man, TOM MIX? Do you know his value?
He’s worth SIX, but six of what? - Six of you and me?
JOB, or JOBBE, means work and payment, both - TWENTY ONE SHILLINGS
That was wages for completing work – ONE GUINEA
And to finish off, here’s the story of a COMMODORE
It means FIFTEEN POUNDS - But how? - Do I hear you cry?
A long time ago, was a well known song in the Pop Charts
‘Three Times A Lady’. You remember? - So do I
In Cockney Rhyming Slang, LADY is LADY GODIVA
That means a FIVER – Or a FLAG – Not a big stash
‘The Commodores’ take the Credit – But not the Cash

Anyone know the origin of

We all have the right to choose, but we can use our influence,
as GUARDIANS of our own ambitions,
to encourage others to make the right choices

It’s Up To You


Is it frustration
Brought on by education?
Have I studied to the point
Of saturation?
Too much knowledge in my head
I’ll never use
What’s the point of setting light
To the fuse?
They’re all going to run for cover
From the explosion
The fall-out’s going to carry
Right across the ocean
But its deaf ears, it’ll land on
Over there
Where the people have been brought up
Not to care
Ignorance is bliss
So they will never miss
What they never even had
Ain’t it sad?


When you’re camped out on the ground floor and you
Want to know
When you’re looking up, but you’ve got
You want to lead a better life, but you need
You’re never going to settle for less than
Everybody tells you things will never
Get better
But you already signed the
Application letter
Now you’re on your way up, so you’d better
Not look down
And don’t even think of looking back to
Your hometown
Change your way of life
Put an end to your strife
Instinct feeds your ambition
It’s a mission
When you make it to the top, will you
Remember me?
Or will I fade to the back of your
I’m not looking for your praise, for your
Hero-worship, Icon-status
Just the respect, that is due me for initial
For the cutting-edge of intellect;
in reparation
And remember, when the time comes, as it
Surely will
The view is so much clearer, from the summit
Of the hill
You will pass the test
Because you have been blessed
With the talents of the few
It’s up to you

AVENGE - Vengeance, or justice?
TO some, perhaps, it’s just a job.

All in a Day’s Work

Just a short walk to the gallows; nothing fancy; a darkened room
A handful of witnesses
A priest in black; a doctor waits; a woman cries; the tension mounts
Then the executioner
Begins his work - “Any last words before you meet your Lord and God?”
A few moments of silence
About to die; nothing to say - Will it be quick? The convict thinks
“May God have mercy on you”
The rope is placed around the neck of the condemned. Switches are pressed
And then the trap-door opens
The body swings, and once again, Good has triumphed over Evil
The hang-man washes his hands
Justice is served. Another death, justifies what? Ask the hang-man
Returning home to his wife

Sunday, June 22, 2008

TOP Summer


Glancing upwards, to the treetops
From time to time, swifts can be seen
Darting about the foliage
Disappearing into the green

In the cool of early morning
Congregations of dragonflies
Commence proceedings for the day
Then introduce the butterflies

Brightly coloured ballerinas
Shimmering to an unheard tune
Building up to a crescendo
In the heat of late afternoon

Sunset heralds the finale
Morning’s dragonflies reappear
Flying strictly in formation
Performing without flaw or fear

Flowing and ebbing on breezes
Thermals only they can detect
They glide along the golden glow
Mesmerising, peerless, perfect

Soaring skywards, surfing sweet scents
Summer’s subtle, silent surprise
Show’s not over, still the encore
As bats replace the dragonflies

Unknowingly, the sightless bats
Mimic the actions of the swifts
The butterflies, the dragonflies
And entertain us with their gifts

A short-lived treat as clouds, in crowds
Gather to make a mockery
Of summer’s promise, never spoken
Never guaranteed…yet broken

Saturday, June 21, 2008

WI Questionable, Coercion, Awakening


When? Who? What? Why? Where?

Yesterday, the day before
Tomorrow, the day after
This week, last week, next week
This year, last year, next year
When is it?
When was it?
When will it be?

Present, future, history
It is, it will be, it was
Actions and decisions
Memories - just tenses?
Who can say?
Who is right?
Who even knows?

Time will pass us by, quickly
A lifetime’s not very long
We’ll all be dead, one day
It won’t be long from now
What is death?
What is hell?
What is heaven?

Our lives will flash before us
In vivid, lurid detail
The things that we got right
The things that we got wrong
Why not this?
Why not that?
Why were we blind?

Everything is revealed
Whether we like it, or not
We will ask the questions
Will we know the answers?
Where are hopes?
Where are dreams?
Where is wisdom?



I think I would, if I could
But really, should I? Really?
It wouldn’t matter
If I couldn’t care
But I shouldn’t get it wrong

How could I have ever known?
How things really should have been?
Nobody would say
People wouldn’t tell
They just couldn’t help
It shouldn’t matter
It was I who got it wrong

Would it, should it, could it be?
Wouldn’t, shouldn’t, couldn’t see?
All that wood and not a tree.
All that good that comes from me.
All that blood I would have spilt.
The things that stood between us
All that passion in us
All I ever wanted
Next time I should get it right

...Would that you could allow me



Upside down, inside out, the wrong way round
Sound familiar?
Just like life, mine and yours. Same old, same old
There has to be more
Let’s face it together; be proactive
Things will come our way
If I act; see to things, then I can be
Better than myself
If you act; get things done, in the right way
You’ll be better too
Do you think I am right? Just a case of
Some might say we’re dreamers. We will show them
What dreams can achieve
By and by, we will find trust and respect
Make our lives complete
In no time we will prove to the doubters
There is more to life

Thursday, June 19, 2008

TOP Flowers


Are you ready for the revelation?
I’ll tell you straight, no exaggeration
If it lives up to your expectation
Accept the gift as an education

Open your eyes to possibility
Your heart, your mind, have the ability
Give your dreams life, make them reality
Welcome concepts, reject banality

You live and learn, feed your fascination
Instinct permits deeper concentration
People you meet provide stimulation
Sharpened senses bring realisation

At first you’ll find that it’s harder than nails
Your perceptions will be greener than grass
It won’t take long, then it’s easier than pie
Your star will shine, you’ll be bolder than brass

Confidence grows, bars intimidation.
Faster process, detailed information.
You’ll grow stronger in their estimation
Take time out for leisure, relaxation

Change is as good as a rest; vacation.
In your own time, return to formation
Complete the course without hesitation
Show gratitude with quiet contemplation

Were you nervous? Was your timidity
A result of your own stupidity?
Are you over your invalidity
Now you’ve strengthened your own lucidity?

Was the outcome to your satisfaction?
Did you employ thought-provoked subtraction?
Take away doubts, end up with a fraction
Of your former fear of interaction

Sunday, June 15, 2008



Speaking in words I understand
Leading me along life’s highway
Taking comfort from your outstretched hand
A fleeting glimpse of yesterday
You were always right by my side
Supporting me through infant trials
Trademark of a capable guide
Serious advice; face all smiles
Grown-up wisdom, childhood lessons
Benefit of experience
A respect that never lessens
Character-building confidence
Not lost with the passage of time
Years don’t erode education
Forgetfulness would be a crime
It was a school of fascination
Now it’s my job to take the reins
Pass on this wisdom, if I can
Explain the benefits and gains
As they have coached me; boy to man
You taught me responsibility
Which I accepted gratefully
You know I’ll never let you down
Or give you cause to wear a frown


Morning horizon
A streak of brightness underscores the sky
In a symbolic representation of new life, close by.
I stare in wonder; my heart is racing, overtaking thought.
Beauty surrounds me, floods me with precious jewels that can’t be bought.
Over my shoulder, lies a mystery; the key to true wealth
Behind closed doors, a secret is waiting to reveal itself
Exhaling gently, uttering softly, I begin to say
A prayer, in essence; homage to the dawn
Of a Diamond Day.

Friday, June 13, 2008

TOP Primary


Their doubts cast shadows on the wall
Before they speak, I’ll make the call
My time is now, I’ll get it done
First time, on time, each time; no fail
The White House is my Holy Grail
I’ll try; succeed. I’m number one!

I made their methods obsolete
And now, the world is at my feet
Their loss of power is my gain
And when, at first, they don’t succeed
Don’t try again, they will not need
To contact me for work again

I hold no patent; copyright
But I will always win the fight
I wanted change and you believed
Their rigid specification
Will not test my education
Your satisfaction, guaranteed

Close attention to fine detail
Will always guarantee the sale
My strongest selling point is pride
And historical records show
Relentless work rate does not slow
Proud of my pride in my own side

And aided by my Running Mate
I’ll prove the ideal candidate
To take my place as Head of State

Achievement of my master plan
I’ll challenge each and every man
To reach my standard, if he can

From my heart, I’m a Democrat
Everyone knows my profession
But they won’t match my obsession

Men like me; few and far between
We won’t come here very often
But when we do, it will soften
Backward attitudes,
Influencing moods.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

WI Unexpected, Overshadowed, Reconciliation

An UNEXPECTED situation, with an equally UNEXPECTED outcome


Scary, the discovery

Hasty, the connection
Painful, the inspection

Tricky, the mission
Needs my permission

I have to make the decision
Surgeons will make the incision
They’ll only accept perfection
So there will be no rejection

Pills, powders, potions
Give back my motions

Correct my reactions
To their satisfaction

A complete recovery

Minorities OVERSHADOWED by tradition


We met when we were too young
We wanted to change the world with our song
I stuck around and you hung on
Beside me, I thought for far too long

Our ideas never caught on
With the mainstream teaching and belief
In a world of carefree thought
Ignorance stole innocence like a thief

We were guilty of the sin
Of replacing swords with the mighty pen
Times have changed now, we would win
The hearts and minds of modern-thinking men

Now words come freely from the lips
Of ‘victims’ who say ‘Enough is enough’
They ride the rises and dips
The tough get tougher when the course gets rough

We always knew it would be
Harder than the hardest thing in the world
When it was just you and me
Ideas were contested, abuse was hurled

'Fight until the day we die,
Educate the ignorant', was our stance
Passionate our battle-cry
History gives it meaning, relevance

In our heart of hearts we knew
Traditional values would win the day
Its dinosaurs that make laws
It’s the ultimate price we have to pay



They couldn’t understand the situation
They didn’t even stop to wonder why
Minds pre-occupied with accusation
Revenge, regret, outrage, did not apply

They only ever wanted it to end
Those memories, consigned to history
Looking back in anger, achieved nothing
It only nurtured inconsistency

It was pointless, knowing where to lay the blame
In hindsight, such an easy thing, it seems
But circumstances, situations changed
Holding grudges, would have held back dreams

When asked the question, “Was it tough for you?”
Their answer was, “Just take a look around
So many others, much worse off than us
We’ve buried our bad memories in the ground

Worse things happened, we can blame ourselves for
It makes no sense to grieve over the past
We can’t use history as a scapegoat
We have to start afresh, if things don’t last”

Survivors of those troubled times are few
But those who made it only look one way
Forward, to tomorrow; a clearer view
The future’s brighter, unlike yesterday

Monday, June 2, 2008

TOP Hurricaine Season


And Earth unite
To seek revenge
For man’s complacency
In turns
My she-devil
Sister and I
Wreak havoc all around
In truth
One and the same;
Double helix
Combining X and Y
My name?
Call me Arthur
Or Katrina
Choose any; A to Z
But know
I am Legion
And my power
Corrupts land, sea, and sky
Be warned
Don’t throw caution
Into the wind
Laws of Physics dictate
And reactions
Of equal scale
My retaliation
Akin to the
Atrocities of war
In short;
Everything is
I’m nature’s nemesis
I am