LEADERS - not followers

Monday, April 5, 2010



In Nineteen twenty seven,
things like cars were so much taller
Almost the same size as a house;
now camper vans are smaller
The Japanese showed us the way,
but not only with cars
They miniaturised everything,
so what we know today
Is pocket-sized commodities,
we keep inside our homes
Everything condenses,
from vehicles to combs
In between is DVD,
Microwave, Mobile Phone
Microchip Technology,
strips all things to the bone
Everything condenses,
but we can still stand proud
We’re no shrinking violets,
so we can shout out loud
“Don’t try to make me smaller.
Don’t get in my face
I’m a fully qualified contender
in the FULL-SIZED human race.”


  1. Love the attitude. Happy to see your doing the NaPoWriMo too. Let's keep it up to the end!

    Yousei Hime

  2. Nicely Stan, only just realised it's monday, the Easter weekend's been MAD! here!!

    Perhaps it all started with the Bonzai tree?

  3. Thanks Yousei; I'm with you on that - I'll be over to check yours.

  4. Thanks Andy; You sneaked in there - Monday?; it's 6.40am Tuesday here. And yeah - that Bonzai tree has a lot to answer for.