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Thursday, April 8, 2010


NaPoWriMo Day 8
Valentine’s Day is long past, says RWP member Jill Crammond Wickham, but we poets must keep up our reputation as the world’s foremost experts on writing about love!
Today, think of your current love, your current obsession or the one who got away. Now come up with five or more unusual metaphors for the object of your affection/obsession: wool scarf, cough drop, puddle, half-empty bottle of red wine… Choose your favorite of the bunch and write a poem celebrating (or trashing) your love.

‘Tropical storm’ due this afternoon
Arriving by aeroplane
If I don’t meet her at the airport
There could be a hurricane

Wet and windy I can endure
Battered from pillar to post
That’s a different kettle of fish
Effects are felt coast to coast

‘Tropical Storm’ aka Penny
Visits me three times a year
*Everybody needs a part time love
‘Bad Penny’ haunts me... Suits her!

‘Old Eyesore’ wears her make-up (((LOUD)))!
And applies it hit and miss
Wears her outfits two sizes too small
“Does me bum look big in this?”

You’ve got to love her, my ‘Bird of Prey’
Laugh a minute down the pub
She downs pints of *Babycham - in one!
“Love, could you give’s a sub”

I can’t compare her to a Red Rose
‘Old Oak Tree’ is more exact
While sleeping, with her make-up removed
She sure looks rough... that’s a fact!
'Everybody needs a part time love'
from the song 'Part Time Love'
by Elton John
From the 1978 Album 'A Single Man'
Babycham is the trade name of a light,
sparkling perry invented by Francis Showering,
a brewer in Shepton Mallet, Somerset, England;


  1. Thanks Inay; Similarities to actual persons, living or dead...

  2. Thanks Greg; Lucky for me she's only fictional... or is she the girl of my dreams...?

  3. I hope these ladies don't read your blog!

  4. Thanks Derrick; She's no lady, she's...
    And it IS just about one (fictional) character, though I can see how it can be read as more.

  5. Killer work. I'd like to meet her, but not for too long!

  6. I especially like the first two stanzas and think they would work best as a separate poem.

  7. Stan! That's awesome. Love the humor and the images...even if she is just a figament of your imagination.

  8. Thanks to:
    Dan; I can't do romance, but I can have a bit of fun.
    Poemblaze; I see what you mean, and it could have developed into something completely different.
    Robin; Perhaps she's a composite character...

  9. oh stanski that is hilarious!!!!! you did her well... repairable repartee

  10. Thanks One More Believer; I won't be 'doing' her much longer...

  11. first let me stop LOLing at all the comments, then I'd like to say, I love Ballsy women. She sounds like someone I'd like to have a drink with and observe.... and write about. This was great Stan

  12. Thanks RSA; It's not the looks, the figure that count - it's the attitude...

  13. Crumbs, you know some rough birds!

  14. Thanks Andy; I once asked a girl her name - she spelled it out 'R-U-T-H' and said 'pronounced ROOF, not RUFF'!