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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

DAY 14 - CLEAVE OR LEAVE...? More Like 1IN3

NaPoWriMo Day 14
For Read Write Poem

Nicole Nicholson has a big challenge for us on Day 14: Write a cleave poem. What’s a cleave poem, you ask? It’s three poems in one.
The whole idea works something like this (quoting the creator of the form, Dr. Phuoc-Tan Diep): “In its most basic form it is three poems: two parallel ‘vertical’ poems (left and right)…[with] a third ‘horizontal’ poem being the fusion of the vertical poems read together.” He goes on to say, “One of my aims was to examine how something can be more than the sum of its parts and can be 3 in 1: synergy, fusion, co-operation, dialectics, marriage, interdependence, teamwork and The Trinity.”
More info can be found at The Cleave (including samples) and at the “cleave” entry at Writing.com.
Happy writing! (Editor’s note: A good idea, for those who fear the cleave is too challenging: Try a short one or simply try a form you have never tried before.)

i’m no poet
don’t I know it
i’m not averse
to writing verse
sometimes it rhymes
sometime it doesn’t
so what the hell?
you can as well
do it… let’s go!


WHAT IS ‘NaPoWriMo’?

What is ‘NaPoWriMo’?
No… Not my Misnomah…
Acro… Oh!... What? ‘Tis why
Dynamismo got no…
Flow… My hot Nano fizz
Is so slow – High-par… Not!


Natural reaction
Admittedly cautious
Trepidation? Hardly
Inevitable result
Often misinterpreted
Never a dull moment though
Absolutely fabulous
Laden with fun and laughter

Pretty serious at times
Obviously demanding
Entertaining the muse
Trying to stay on the ball
Reasonably free of stress
Yahoo helped out quite a bit

Whether or not I finish
Remains a thing to be seen
Imagination willing
Thirty pieces is my aim
Inspiration is vital
Notwithstanding peer pressure
Gluttons for punishment, all

Mediocre arrangement
Offerings not worth their salt
Not on this boy’s agenda
That’s the theory at least
Hits will be the judge of that


  1. Acrostics are fun, aren't they? I admire your willingness to accept the challenge - good luck!

  2. Thanks Jabblog; Nearly half way through - so far, so...

  3. Couldn't get me ed round Cleave... so I did it longhand - 1 in 3 not 3 in 1

  4. You could call this an anti cleaver poem!

  5. Nice splitting those silly syllables. You've sharpened your cleaver and made the cut.

    Nice job!


  6. Well done, Stan. Never have tried either of these forms, but really enjoyed reading yours, especially the acrostic, which seemed to say it all so well!

  7. Thanks to:
    Rallentanda; Not an anti-climax then...?
    Mark; Couldn't make in one chop.
    Robin; Let's see how far I get...
    Briarcat; Innit...

  8. Thanks Pamela; Not a Cleave, but I got the theme running through 3 pieces.