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Sunday, April 11, 2010


NaPoWriMo Day 11

For Read Write Poem

RWP member Angie Werren invites us to write about the choice we didn’t make:
Everyday we make choices. Some are small: English breakfast or Lipton? the highway or back roads? Some are more significant: convertible or mini-van? farmhouse or condo?
Some choices lead us straight into the life we’re living, but for this poem, think about one of the things in your life you didn’t choose.
Be concrete. Pick an object — something tangible* — and write your poem directly to it, as if you were writing it a personal letter. Explain why you didn’t choose it. What could things have been like if you had? Talk about what your life has become without it. See where the “confession” takes you.
*As an alternative, dig a little deeper and write your poem to a person you left behind.


Dear Lifestyle,

Suggest me a method
Easy to maintain
One with effortless access
Not found in books, or on TV
Extol virtues
Promote values
If left alone to decide
I'd screw up
Take others down with me
Bring shame on myself
Lose my one true friend
And inflict pain on loved ones

I’ve read the books
I’ve watched TV
And came to the conclusion:

Of human interest
Trivial pursuits
And fictional romance
That feature in magazines
Invade the space
Between my ears
Take residence in my head
Draw me in:
Imaginary worlds
Light years from this earth
Superior intellect…

Reminders that
The truth I seek
Will never be found in print

Game show hosts
Who smile from lurid suits
Interviews with stars
And all their back-slap crap
… Party poop politician’s
… Manifesto’s… !
Manifest this…
Parental Guidance advised!
Premier league soccer
Live by satellite
Reality programmes
Drama; documentaries

It’s not TV
It’s just pixels; digital

All in all
Existence is a lie
… Distraction at best
Pages of printed words…
Television; DVD…
Play… Pause… Rewind…
Play… Pause… Rewind…
‘Hand me another disc, please’
Press Play… Pause…
Eject it and discard…
‘Another disc, please’
And here we go… again!
Just the same as yesterday…

The day before…
Day before that…
Play… Pause… Rewind… STOP! … Eject

My shame; this sham
Is no longer virtual…

Acknowledgement: ‘It’s not TV, it’s HBO’ is the slogan of HBO (Home Box Office) movie channel.


  1. Got you asking questions too, eh Stan -- is this real or is this Memorex... question goes through my head every bloody damned day -- what is real, and what is an illusion?
    Really excellent bit of work here mate...
    Image & Verse

  2. Thanks Rob; Just who are we trying to impress... ...?

  3. Hi Stan,

    I think I got a 'Flash Forward' moment! Now we can pause live action, it's pretty good!

  4. Thanks Derrick; So many of our choices are influenced by the 'ideals' of others.

  5. I imagine your life in Thailand (dropping out of the rat race) to be rather ideal and more

  6. Thanks Rallentanda; You're right about that - the piece is retrospective really - a reminder of what I'm missing...!?

  7. What a thought-provoking poem.


  8. great piece!

    so many days -- especially with teenagers in the house -- our tv is always, always on. how nice it is to just sit and listen to nothing but birds; gets the old brain working.

    thanks, Stan.

  9. Stan,
    This is fantastic! So much going on!

  10. We receive about a billion bits of information everyday and how our brain filters out a lot of the shit is amazing. Even when we are stuck with a certain level of A.D.D, we spin confused from a barrage of shit and try to find a semblance of reality. You capture my sentiments completely in this.

    Well done!


  11. A fantastic and honest poem. It is true that what we are fed by the media and society in general is deceptive.
    Awesome work!

  12. Thanks to:
    Thelaughinghousewufe; Are you up for something different today?
    Angie; Ah yes - the brain... I remember...
    Pamela; So much going on - nothing happening...
    Mark; I'm glas it's not just me...
    Lori; My choice - no more deceit.

  13. Phew, I like the bit where you said: invade the space between my ears etc.

  14. Thanks Andy; And it's such a small space too...!

  15. Thanks Wayne; It was the only one available...

  16. Thanks RSA; Cancel my subscription to...