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Saturday, June 29, 2013


For Sunday Whirl: Morning, Bend, Bear, Unstable, Wild, Retreat, Fallen, Meadow, Rock, Bridge, Island, Lane.


Bird song beckons the morning
It's driving me round the bend!
I'm a bear with a sore head
Still a little unstable
After another wild night


When they sounded the retreat
I must have fallen asleep
Just the meadow for a bed
And a rock for a pillow


Now I have to cross a bridge
Get off this traffic island
And back into the fast lane...

Friday, June 28, 2013


Review by: ian biro on May 21, 2013 : star star star star star

Hotel 27


This is a story about an Englishman called Michael Falcon who went to Thailand, and found an unspoilt paradise in the northern province of Isan. It’s also very much about his legendary son, the incredible baby elephant, Changnoi.

From suburban south Manchester to the seedy streets of Bangkok and the relatively unspoilt islands of Ko Sichang and Ko Samet then back across the seas to Edinburgh and Manchester before returning to the land of the smile, and discovering a remote Isan village.

The tale is narrated at a fast and furious pace in a poetic way, and I for one, couldn’t close this book until I’d read it from cover to cover. Of course this adventure wouldn’t have been possible without Mok, the mother of the famous Changnoi and the faithful woman behind the intrepid Michael.

Saturday, June 22, 2013


For Sunday Whirl: Class, Complex, Tracks, Gas, Edge, Forest, Answers, Files, Still, Lie, Pale, Mess.


Prepare for a Master Class
in solving complex problems...

Start by following the tracks
that lead from the gas station
to the edge of the forest.

The answers are all out there...

The files still lie unopened
in their pale, faded folders.

So try not to leave a mess!

Saturday, June 15, 2013


For Sunday Whirl: Chattering, Splits, Scoop, Moonshine, Anything, Giggle, Crazy, Load, Sense, Cut, Cave, Wake, Shatters.


A guy walks into a bar
teeth chattering from the cold

Splits a fifty note to buy
a scoop or two of moonshine

Anything for a giggle

Says - I know this sounds crazy
and won't make a load of sense
so I'll just cut to the chase...

Cave paintings depict our dreams!

So I try not to wake up...
It shatters the illusion...

Saturday, June 8, 2013


For Sunday Whirl: Status, Page, Rest, Park, Curb, Shimmering, Steps, Spill, Yard, Spewing, Thunder, Jets.


Just updating my status
on my mobile Facebook page.
Taking a rest from traffic
as I park close to the curb.

'Shimmering steps spill their guts
out onto the rain-soaked yard.
Sky above spewing thunder
and random jets of lightning...'