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Tuesday, April 20, 2010


NaPoWriMo Day 20
For Read Write Poem

As a child, Jessica GC says she had two heroes: Wonder Woman and her mother. “To me, they were one and the same,” says Jessica. “Both had long dark hair. Both were strikingly beautiful, and both had incredible strength.”
Write a poem in which you to pay tribute to your hero, past or present.
Here are few possibilities for inspiration:
· What made your childhood hero so special? What traits did you envy? Are super powers involved?
· Do you have more than one hero? Consider drawing a comparison between them.
· Honor the everyday heroes among us — the policemen, the fire fighters, the troops — risking their lives everyday.
· Did your hero ever fall from the pedestal you put him or her on?
· Maybe you’re the hero you want to write about! Have you ever had a moment when someone has made you feel like a hero? Did you ever save a cat from a burning building? Or maybe it was something as simple as staying up all night with a friend who needed you.
In any case, share with us in your poem what made or makes your hero so deserving of admiration.


‘Humanity’; now a word
Meaning only ‘Human Race’
Values become distorted
Lost to Vanity Culture


Put away the comic books
Forget the action movies
Concentrate instead on what
The word ‘HERO’ really means:

A person or persons who
Are able to exhibit:

Exceptional qualities
Above and beyond the norm

Courage when faced with danger
Salvation from jeopardy
Compassion, understanding
When others remain aloof

Aptitude, ability
To overcome the inept
Dignity, nobility
To combat the arrogant


Where do we find such people?
Not in the classified ads
Like charity, my heroes
Begin right here, at home

On the one hand, take my son
He qualifies on all counts
Fearless, kind, intelligent
And composed in times of stress

My daughter, just two years old
The champion’s apprentice
Already has the makings…
Potential Super-Hero

A survivor from day one
She pulled through, despite the odds

Vote for her or her brother?
In truth, my heroes are both


Just like any search we make
We rummage, we hunt, we seek
The answer lies before us
Right at the end of our nose


  1. uhummmmm

    there is always a hero
    inside of us

  2. That made me sit up. I was struggling to think of a particular hero, and you've made me look under my nose!

  3. yes I know a youngster like that =)

  4. Thanks to;
    Inay; Or standing right beside us.
    ViV; That's just because they're only small. I don't really look down on my kids - I look up to them despite their size. I'm sure if you have kids the same applies.
    Lucychili; I hope lots of us do.

  5. We start out with such promise!

  6. Nice that you can see them this way. I'm sure they return the favour.

  7. Very reassuring. Lord knows, if we had to count on "celebrities"...

  8. I'm pleased your daughter is a fighter -- our kids are as amazing as any heroes... well written...
    Image & Verse

  9. Stan,
    Wonderful that your kids are your heros. I can relate.

  10. Thanks to:
    Dan; Start the way we mean to continue...
    Derrick; I'd like to think so.
    Ron; We set our own standards.
    Rob; A fighter and a winner.
    Pamela; Heroes give us hope, and that's exactly what our kids do.

  11. Thanks Marisa; Credit where it's due.

  12. Nicely Stan! How long is a piece of string?