LEADERS - not followers

Sunday, April 27, 2014

NaPoWriMo 2014 - Day 27

Wordle words from Sunday Whirl: Leave, Cheat, Chew, Branch, Channel, Beastly, Few, Cancer, Release, Speak, Become, Beading.


You’re a cheat
You’re a chancer
Like cancer you spread
What was said
What was heard
Every word that they speak
As you seek to become
Like someone who is one
Of the new chosen few
On the panel
Those who channel
Their excess energy
Into their enemy
In order to release
Their beastly intensity
Taking their leave
To receive their reward
They’ve crawled
To a higher branch on the tree
To chew on the fat-free free fat
With those who see that
It was all so misleading
From their fake foreign accents
Right down to the beading
On their corporate fake walnut desks


  1. Such anger, such accusations! I immediately agree with all of it. Beautifully crafted!

  2. Fun brimming with outrage - a challenging combination and yet artfully delightfully done :)

  3. Thank god some people can see past the veneer ;)

  4. Interesting perspective.

  5. What a perceptive perspective, it reminded me of working within a large organisation!

  6. We took a similar path with these words. You are right when you say people are like this world round. Sad eh? Nice job casting light into this darkness, Stan. Fakes, the rats.

  7. Oh, the world of fakery! (I fear that we all partake of it in one way or another.)

    If the Branch Could Speak

  8. Well penned. We all know a cheat like this one. The last line is a great line to top off your poem.

  9. Looks like you've got some inside information here. Love the rhyming - To chew on the fat-free free fat
    With those who see that.

  10. Congratulations Stan, you have become a fire-breathing dragon and weaving it all with rhyme. Which, btw, doesn't take the burnt breath sting out of it in the least bit. Kudos,


  11. Phonies are everywhere. You've nailed it well in this one.

  12. Corporations are not people, are they, Stan. Well done with some great sounds going on here. The piece flows very nicely.


  13. Love the tone of it and you didn't spare the anger too.