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Sunday, April 13, 2014

NaPoWriMo 2014 - Day 13

Wordle words from Sunday Whirl


A magic moonlit moment
She turns towards me briefly
Perfect porcelain features
I swear I’m deeply in love

I’ve died and gone to Heaven

Then my heart takes a tumble
And I want to slash my wrists
She’s not the girl of my dreams
What the papers said was true

Has she taken me to hell?

“Limbo Bimbo Strikes Again!!!”
The front page headline today
“She’s just a gaudy Geordie”
It’s even a football chant!

No, it’s that place between… Earth…!


  1. Some things aren't as they appear..or hope them to be - Limbo Bimbo is very funny ;)

  2. Love the way the headlines rhyme. And glad she brought you back down to earth.

  3. That's the problem with picking a north of England girl! Like Cosmo above I can't get the picture of the Limbo Bimbo out of my mind.

    1. That's the trouble with Manchester... it's full of 'em

  4. "Limbo Bimbo Strikes Again!" You need a team with that name, a hard-hitting cricket or football/soccer team, and the fans could all chant at the tops of their lungs: "Limbo Bimbo Strikes Again!"

    Convoluted Whirl

  5. An entertaining idea! What if it catches on? The Limbo Bimbos of whoville against the Cleveland Dumbettes?

  6. Great job! Limbo Bimbo is clever and funny.

  7. Stan, some nice word play here. What is a Geordie? Long time, no see. I hope all is well.


    1. Hi Pamela, and thanks... A Geordie is someone from Newcastle UK, but here's a fuller definition from Wikipedia: Geordie /ˈdʒɔrdi/ is both a regional nickname for a person from the larger Tyneside region of North East England, and the name of the English-language dialect spoken by its inhabitants....
      Long time as you say, and another long story that includes illness, bereavement etc... ... ...
      All is well now! :)

  8. Haha! Nice use of the words, Stan.

  9. oh dear.....I think I may have gone to high school with her, or at least someone very much like her.