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Saturday, April 26, 2014

NaPoWriMo 2014 - Day 26

Today’s prompt is:
Choose a track from your Playlist – Re-write it in your own words.
Change the title, but keep the refrain close enough to the original
version for the source of your re-write to be recognisable…
Don’t forget to credit the original source…

I chose “Rebirth of Slick” by Digable Planets:


“Can’t sleep at night ‘cos the temperature’s rising
I’m realising you’re losing your cool
Foolish to think you can combat the forces
Got the resource; it’s
Horses for courses
I’ll wind you up when the heat is on
You’ll pay the price when the day is done
Naughty or nice, I’m cool as ice is
Virtues or vices
Calm in a crisis
That’s where I’m better
It’s the letter of the law
Can you abide with that?
Reside with that?
Get by with that?
Survive with that?
I’ll thrive on that
Bet your life on that…
You cool with that?”

“Yeah, cool…”