LEADERS - not followers

Thursday, April 24, 2014

NaPoWriMo 2014 - Day 24


You’re not going to name names
You won’t point any fingers
That would spark more confusion
Create more speculation
Denials accusations
Produce even more sour grapes
And reopen more old wounds
In turn that would just lead to
The settlement of old scores

So with actual regard
To who was really involved
And who did precisely what
And the when, where, how and why
And with respect… and by that
We mean the greatest respect…
To those unnamed people who
Found themselves in the same boat
The very same boat as you…

Do the honourable thing
And let those sleeping dogs lie


  1. Are the sleeping dogs are just lying there snoring, or are they lying through their teeth? However, an eye for an eye, probably won't/can't solve much as it stands.

    1. No peace for the wicked, so they're definitely not liars... As the saying goes "No-one is innocent"...!