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Friday, April 2, 2010


NaPo WriMo Day 2
For Read Write Poem

Today’s writing prompt is to type the letters RWP into the abbreviation search field at Acronym Attic and write a poem inspired in any way by one or more of the resulting phrases. You don’t have to use the words from the phrase in your poem, but you can if they fit. GLWI (Good Luck With It)!


I watched,
as the uncovered wagon,
belching thick, black smoke, pulled up
and sounded its horn.

I watched
father and two young sons
empty the shop of its stock,
onto the roadside.

I watched.
They re-entered the building
and brought out their furniture,
personal effects.

I watched.
As the wagon was loaded,
the fat, chain-smoking driver
remained in his cab.

I watched
mother climb into the cab;
the lethargic driver, now
minus cigarette.

I watched
two exhausted teenagers
jump on back of the wagon
with their belongings.

I watched
the sick vehicle roll off,
spewing yet more thick, black smoke,
and smiled to myself.

I sat;
imagined the whole process
repeated, but in reverse
at some place nearby.

I looked
up at the Rain Water Pipe,
still dripping morning’s downpour
slowly but surely.

I stared
at the stainless steel shutters,
drawn tight across the shop-front,
and planned my next move.