LEADERS - not followers

Saturday, April 6, 2013



Shouting out loud so my voice can be heard
and the crowd will hang on to my every word
from the absurd to the totally sublime
a captive audience time after time
who give me the attention I demand
in a way that helps you understand
that it's your chance to see into the future
view tomorrow's news today if it suits you

With an open mind you'll know the score
but it's your... responsibility
to explore this opportunity
that throws wide open its door to you

It's no snide token for the chosen few

It will flow into your consciousness
but you'll be none the less amazed to learn
of days you yearn to have the knowledge of

College offers us no explanation
no degree of education prepares us

Our awareness of the future tense
at no expense to our sanity
will be heightened and our minds will be free

Instrumental contributions from Changnoi: Go on click them!




  1. I don't know any of the songs, but it makes an interesting mix!

  2. Yeah! Intense stuff - I'd like to hear this performed, with or without the amazing accompaniment of Chang Noi.

  3. Nice exploration, Stan, although slightly terrifying. Don't think I want all that floating into my consciousness. Focusing on the present... but I do enjoy the intensity of your words.

  4. As you know I'm stuck in musical past. I also enjoy traditional Musicals. The Music Man, Oklahoma, so I'm not familiar with your references. But I agree that college can only prepare one so far. The rest you've got to learn 'outside the box'.

    Thanks again for your visit.

  5. Second sight is always hanging around and putting its own two cents worth into the mix. Your son is fabulous,


  6. Stan, there is nothing to us prepare for the future tense, I agree. I must say your son is a fine musician and when he threw the guitar down at the end, I laughed. Totally adorable.