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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

NAPOWRIMO 2013 #10


Prompted by Miz Quickly

'Peasant Wedding'
Bruegel, Pieter the Elder

I hope you don't mind me coming so late,
but I wanted to wait until now
before showing you how it is done...

At this time when the sun doesn't shine
stands a line of a dozen witnesses.
Their business is to doubt or condemn,
but without them to view the event,
the time I've spent would have been wasted
and they could never have tasted my wares.

Although it scares those who volunteer,
I'll make it clear I appreciate
all supporters to date, for my victory.

Particularly those amongst you
who once figured the subject taboo.
And for those who are still sceptical,
the spectacle may astonish.
Don't admonish, it isn't a sin;
I'll begin without further ado...

Instrumental contributions from Changnoi: Go on click them!


  1. Good one; works well with Bruegel's painting. Politicians, those venerable public servants, are the same the world over, in every century.

  2. I like the painting, I haven't thought of it in that way before, but yes - that's perfect - good one!

  3. I've always been fond of that painting. For a while I had it as my desktop on my laptop. It's a perfect poem to go with it, Stan.

  4. I like your inner rhymes!! Great pairing! :)

  5. I'm with Hannah. I love any playing with sound, especially internal rhyme.

  6. The poem fits well with the painting, and I like your spirit! I haven't done day 10's yet as I've already posted twice today. It takes me a while to read all the prompts and choose one that grabs me.

  7. Stan, not much I can say that hasn't been said. Nice use of language (did anyone say that?)


  8. Ah, weddings. I only wish my own were for me. But as you've explained though from a different view...weddings are for the folks footing the bill. Next time, I'll elope. Fun verse. Thanks for your visits.

  9. You have to know I love the fancy word dancing you are doing here. You really seem to be enjoying this round of April madness, and piling up some good poetry besides. I like the voice you gave to this image,


  10. Clever piece, Stan. Love your prowess with words. My 10 is up now, to the Hopper painting. We are one third into April. Cheers!