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Friday, October 3, 2008

World Wide Woe


State of the art, cutting-edge systems
Modern microchip technology
Twenty four seven Broadband service
That’s the internet, to you and me

Internet fact can turn to fiction
‘Advanced’ translates to ‘slower than the rest’
The term ‘exclusive’ translates to ‘obscure’
And ‘latest’ means ‘old-fashioned’ at best

Pre-historic power generator
Balsa-wood construction filled with wires
Tied in knots, patched with Band-Aid, chewing gum
Insulated with ancient tractor tyres

Connected to a wooden prop-shaft
By a twisted length of rubber band
A giant-sized plastic propeller
Cranked clockwise, from hand to nervous hand

An enormous tin-can transmitter
Sends a signal down a string, stretched taut
Thirty Kbps is the max
From ‘Hub’ to your home-based, tin-can port

That’s the ‘World Wide’ Web, on certain days
At least, that’s the way it sometimes seems
Achieving an Internet connection
Becomes the subject of your wildest dreams

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