LEADERS - not followers

Tuesday, October 28, 2008



It started as a minor infection
An inconvenient irritation
Spin doctors named it ‘General Election’
The fever spread, and it gripped the nation

Symptoms ranged from coughing and sneering
To pressure peaks and palpitations
Speech affected by grunting and jeering
Consultants scripted a publication

‘Manifesto’ (or doctors Prescription?)
Confusing in its presentation
Illegible in its encryption
Hard to swallow in its translation

Campaign slogans provide the solution
‘Keep taking the medication’
‘Does wonders for the constitution’
‘Exceeds every expectation’

No need to miss the fun of the fest
Broadcast on every TV station
Genuine change or same as the rest?
Accept the Party invitation

Respond to the rhetoric, join the debate
Make your vote count in the situation
Cure the condition before it’s too late
Give yourself cause for a celebration

Landslide, or merely majority
First past the post gets the adulation
Remember it’s still a democracy
A process achieved by legislation

Did you go Red, or did you turn Blue?
Do you feel bitterness or elation?
Only four years of this deja-vu
Barring impeachment, assassination


Parliamentary by-election
Caused by minister’s defection
Cabinet reshuffle pending
Hansard’s minutes need amending

Constituency paralysed
Sworn allegiances compromised
Converted or impulsive whim?
Floating voters sink or swim

Public opinion takes the view
If you don’t vote red, then you’ll vote blue
Voting yellow is hard to swallow
Undecided – who do you follow?

Left of centre you’re a Communist
Right-wing you’re labelled a Fascist
Liberal by your own volition
…A Molotov Cocktail coalition

Secret ballot, X marks the spot
Cast your vote, throw it in the pot
Exit-poll can only guesstimate
Who will be the likely candidate

Opposition wins by a nose
Adding to the government woes
Calls are heard from a certain section
“Put it to a General Election!”

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  1. These were fast and furious - the mood of many concerning politics today.

  2. Unwavering truth and doubt! Great post!

  3. Thanks to:
    Anthony North; Sometimes it seems more a case of personal political ambition than genuine concern for the people they 'serve'.
    Tumblewords; Making the right choice is influenced by the rhetoric and not, it seems, political values.

  4. Hi Stan, Nice brace of poems here, they read faster than a speeding bullet, I love all those rhymes, you knowledgeable so and so.

  5. Thanks Andy; I still don't know who to vote for.

  6. Much to ponder over...

  7. Thanks Gautami Tripathy; As there always is at election time.

  8. Whoa. Just about got whiplash reading this.

  9. Thanks Annie; I think the campaign trail is strewn with victims of whiplash.