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Saturday, October 25, 2008

Sunday Scribblings

On reflection:


Forgive me
For my improprieties
Inappropriate actions
A host of deeds
I can’t justify
Hear my plea
This petition is a cry
From my conscience, stained with guilt
I am human
But that’s no excuse
In my life
I’ll endeavour to make use
Of my powers of reason,
In order to prove
My value
I am not trying to soothe
My pain, brought on by knowledge
Of Mother Earth
And her influence
Combined with common sense
And critical appraisal
Are my penance.
In my assessment
Of no worth
Such meagre reimbursement
For the staunch stability
Of the one friend
I take for granted

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  1. I see a strong eco message in this - one we should all bear in mind.

  2. Gaia, should that we cease the rape and pillage... it's destructive -- and unbecoming!

    This piece was sharp as a rapier...

  3. I'm sure you're a real warrior and not nearly as 'small' as you paint yourself!

  4. hope that lots could read this poem, it has a powerful voice.

  5. Repentance
    Combined with common sense
    And critical appraisal
    Are my penance.


  6. An excellent piece requiring thought to understand all the nuances hidden within.

  7. I know I take nature for granted and that is so bad! She IS our greatest friend!

  8. omg.. this is so good! I was singing it as I read it. It is just like a poignant Eminem song! YOu seriously should put this to a rap beat!

  9. This should be read thoughtfully and with an eye to hidden meanings. There is more than one scenario here.

  10. Thanks to:
    Anthony North; Once the boasting and back-slapping are over, the consequences have to be faced.
    Rob Kistner; Self-congratulation amidst all the harm we inflict, is inappropriate.
    Rinkly Rimes; I try to be - but still big enough to admit to my contribution.
    Totomai; A chance to boast - I just took a look at the other side of the coin.
    Autrice Deldrago; If I could do more...
    B. Roan; It can be interpreted on different levels, from a very personal apology, to a more general disgust at what we're capable of.
    Linda Jacobs; However low you fall, after the heights pride can take you to, there's always one friend to see you through it all (I hope).
    Luct; Hadn't thought of that, but now you mention it...
    Granny Smith; Apply the sentiment to any scenario you choose; it is meant as a sincere 'apology'.

  11. Hi Stan, it sounds like you're speaking for all of us here, so sharp it slices!

  12. A very smart piece and a powerful message.

  13. Your poem, your apology, suggests hope for the future and dedication to healing our environment. This petition should be read by whoever takes office, for it's more than time to act. We all are guilty of not noticing and not understanding what we do see.

  14. Thanks to:
    Andy; You're right - it could apply to us all.
    Tammy; We can't get everything right, but should acknowledge our faults.
    Bet; it's never too late to apologise, but we can make it count by taking action.

    Lucy; My apologies for mis-spelling your name.

  15. I think you did an excellent job with this piece. We should all be a little kinder to our environment. What a great place our world would be.

  16. Thanks Jadey; A little more thought and the apologies become unnecessary.