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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Top Justice


A hundred years from now, we’ll all be dead
A hundred years ago, we weren’t alive
Following in the footsteps that we tread
Others will learn from our mistakes; survive

But will they do any better than us?
Any different; more successfully?
Or will they be just like the knockers now?
Never satisfied with what others do

How many times did you hear someone ask
Why do it? Where did it ever get you?
In reference to an interest that you have
An obsession that brings rewards to some?

They just don’t understand the benefits
That are derived from ‘amateur pursuits’
Perhaps they think that they’ve got better things
To occupy their ‘precious’ leisure time

They’re quick enough to ridicule your work
Quoting lack of rewards for your efforts
‘How did it ever benefit you?’ They’ll ask
They obviously mean ‘financially’

Cos money’s all they ever think about
How to get it; what things to waste it on
Without ever fulfilling their ambition
Of living the carefree life of Riley

So of course they’re jealous of things you do
Hoping that you’ll never make it pay
All the while, looking over their shoulder
To check you haven’t ‘hit it big’ this time

When they ask, ‘What do you get out of it?’
You know they’re asking about the money
And reading in between their prying lines
You’re pretty certain what they’re getting at

They’re not asking, ‘Does it give you a buzz?’
They don’t want to know how it makes you feel
The question that they’re really asking, is
‘Where’s my share of anything it got you?’

They’re always looking for rewards for nothing
Despite the unused talents they possess
They’ve never spent a moment of their time
Constructively; working creatively

But as time passes you live, and you learn
To ignore their thinly disguised appeals
They’re not really any of your concern
You hope one day, they’ll find out how it feels

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  1. I think you've got this just about right.

  2. Thanks Anthony; Love of the game, or even serious attempts to succeed, often fall prey to the unjust 'knockers'.

  3. love the opening line...so apt...

  4. Thanks Gautami Tripathy; Not too much time left to make it count.