LEADERS - not followers

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Matinee Muse 12

Oppressive heat followed by torrential
rain - What are the odds of sustaining
a way of life?


Water of Life

Evening falls on treetops
Thunder in the air
Grasses rustle in the breeze
Shadows all around
Silence as the wind drops
Animals prepare
Hostile clouds gather to tease
Moisture deprived ground
Spirits rise as raindrops
Fall on land laid bare
The season’s first rain will please
Satisfy, astound

Relentless, torrential
Harder, stronger, faster
Breathing a new lease of life
On parched, barren land
Unleashing potential
Sparing disaster
Rewards for labour and strife
Given by God’s hand
Praise, respect; essential
Rain is the master
Its servants; husband and wife
United they stand


Two Types of Obedience

There are two types of obedience
One is born of respect
The other is born of fear
If your superiors command respect
Your obedience is guaranteed
But you are merely a follower
If you respect yourself
Others will, in turn, respect you – obey you
You will become a leader
If you fear the pretender you follow
Obedience is a result of this fear
Respect is mutual and breeds obedience
Delegation works both ways
Fear is a one-way street
Obedience from intimidation
Breeds only contempt!


  1. The first poem is rich with rugged descriptions! Very vivd! And the second poem stirs awareness of the gloss and sham of power!

    Interesting pieces!

  2. Thanks greyscale territory; Pretty much how it is - no embellishments. It's not a romantic way of life, but life for many. Rains don't fail, but can you imagine hoping and praying they don't - in order to survive?

  3. I like both your poems. Each very nicely done and each very unique.

  4. Thanks jadey; Practical and theory, experience and opinion - thanks for your interest.