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Sunday, August 24, 2008

TOP One-way


A light
At the end
Of the tunnel?
A distant promise
Beyond the horizon
Beckoning us, tauntingly
All efforts to reach it, thwarted
Remaining constantly elusive
Such is the nature of our destiny


  1. if iremian focused on the prize... i have no time to enjoy the game....

  2. Yes, we never get there, which is maybe a good thing. What would we do if we did?

  3. Thanks to:
    paisley; Sometimes we only imagine something to be the prize.
    gautami tripathy; I think I do too, though trying to pre-empt certain things, can distract from what it may actually be.
    tumblewords; can only say 'thanks' for that.
    kouji; On pc, text is graduated from 8 point to 22, and a better 'tunnel' effect is achieved.

  4. Thanks anthonynorth; sorry I missed you first time, but you're right, we never make it- and good because it might it may even be fools gold that's tempting us.
    I've never made it yet, so can't answer your question.

  5. destiny sometimes races past before we'd had time to acknowledge the existence of the perfect place... it is a fleeting moment of recognition that surprises our heart.. loved the format!!!

  6. Thanks one more believer; I think destiny and ambition are often confused.

  7. So we are a bit like Tantalus. But we never stop trying to reach that promise. Should we? Maybe we have no choice.

    Unlike Gautami, I really don't believe in destiny. Good thought provoking poem.

  8. "Such is the nature of our destiny"

    So very true. An interestingly occupying read. Thanks for sharing.

  9. Thanks to:
    paul decelles; we always try to reach for the light that attracts us; only 'one way' to find out.
    aar; thanks for your interest and comment.

  10. I love the way you did this poem. So very interesting and love the whole premis behind it

  11. Thanks jadey; I think we all have our own idea of how we perceive destiny.

  12. I love ya ingenuity on this.... Brillant!

  13. Thanks Whitesnake; I thought it suited the prompt pretty well.

  14. The shape and direction of this poem is half of the ingenuity of it. I thought of a pyramid or mountain, and realized we perceive ourselves as trying to ascend rather than looking at the base of things. You really provoked a lot of thought!

  15. Love it I strongly believe in destiny and feel the more I am on the righ path the more everything falls into place.

  16. Thanks to:
    rio; Sometimes the things we look for seem so distant, when they can actually be found all around us.
    marja;If the path feels good - walk it. When things start to fall into place - its like a reward for getting it right.