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Monday, August 18, 2008

TOP Edgar Allen Poe


The kid
Showed me
Some pictures
He’d painted

His use
Of form
And colour
Were naïve

But something
Made me look,
And look again
The simplicity
Of the images
For the
Of the message
He was attempting
To convey in oils

From the palette
Of an innocent babe
A vision
Of a world,
No eyes had seen


  1. i wanna see,,,,,, this certainly makes me curious.....

  2. Thanks paisley; Sorry, no photo - it may cause widespread panic. Think (or daydream) about a worst-case-scenario for the world, and you might be close.

  3. An intriguing poem. Like Paisley, I wanna see, too.
    You make us think, which is good.

  4. Hmmm...
    I don't know about you guys, but I'm thinkin I might be too scared to look.

    Stan, you scared me! I guess that's the point. :-)

  5. Oh, no. I don't wanna go there! Do I? Fine job!

  6. I get the feeling it's not just a photo no eyes have seen, but one that no eyes will be there to see either. Creepy.

  7. This takes us to so many places. Scary but so very true!

    Writing style meme

  8. Thanks to:
    anthonynorth; great comment - mission accomplished!
    karen crne; true - it doesn't pay to be too optimistic; but hey! it's only fiction - isn't it?
    tumblewords; play your cards right (you as in everyone), and you (personally) may never have to.
    lirone; it certainly sounds that way - but it must be a million years hence...no?
    gautami tripathy; it possibly takes us to our destiny - but we may never know for sure.

  9. my apologies for the typo
    karen crone

  10. i really like the form and line breaks of this poem. and as with everyone, i'm curious about the painting but at the same time i don't think i want to see it.

    BTW, how old is the kid?

  11. I'm certainly curious, but also aprehensive. Sometimes only the young have the true insight and its too often lost before they can articulate it

  12. Thanks to:
    odessa; Well it's a product of my imagination - so I'm afraid, you'll have to use your own to try to picture it.
    The kid could be anyone younger than me.
    crafty green poet; I believe you've hit the nail on the head.

  13. This speaks to me. I work with children and I strongly believe that even if their expression through words and drawings is simple their understanding is much more sophisticated than everybody thinks

  14. Thanks marja; You've picked up my point exactly - some people who work with children don't see it. Perhaps they 'grew up' too soon.