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Friday, August 8, 2008

Matinee Muse 4

Must be what we had when we thought it was
OK to play God, and destroy the Earth, in the
name of progress


Clouds congest the sky
A tear forms in her eye
Heaven’s lethargic response
To our Mother Earth’s thirst – she was once

Fertile, draped in green
Extravagant…? Obscene…?
Stripped naked and violated
Gang-raped by man’s unabated

Lust for Mother’s hoard
She screams; her cry ignored
Inevitable consequence
Irreversible course of events

Ice embraces fire
Sworn enemies conspire
As four seasons merge into one
Mother wilts in the heat of the sun

Dehydrated veins
Trace scars across the plains
Her bosom deprived of the good
And her legacy…? Rivers of blood

Still the violence flows
No respite, no repose
Abused to satiate the greed
Of arrogant minds that did not heed

Mother’s plaintive call
The writing on the wall
Fair warning; a chance to repent
To console Mother Earth’s sad lament

Dark clouds gather yet
To pose a welcome threat
The weather’s ironic display
Taunts her briefly, and then turns away

Apathy prevails
Obstinate; hard as nails
“Don’t fix what ain’t broke, it’s the norm
Just the calm that precedes every storm”

Emphasise that word –
“Storm” – it may sound absurd
But for our sins, we shall atone
So it is written…so shall it be done


  1. Marvellous poem with a strong and apt message.

  2. As I sit here at camp in the middle of Maine piney woods, it's hard to believe your poem but, unfortunately, I know it is true. Well done!

  3. Thanks to:
    anthonynorth; Cause effect and consequence. Our fault? Or a cyclical event? I rather think we have to take much of the blame, and need to take action, instead of just watching - hoping for the best.
    linda jacobs; We're lucky - we can enjoy the world in all its glory. Much of it is still unspoiled. Put into the context of 50 or 100 years hence, that may no longer be the case.

  4. Thanks just jen; Curiosity killed the cat. Fat cats are killing everything else...progress???

  5. Your poem could almost be a mini epic! It has a formal sense of grandeur!

    But the message is poignant! Humanity's lust for grandeur is a bit like a some grader devastating all in its path in the name of "newness/progress is best"! But in the long run, we have proof that Nature has ways of answering!


  6. great personification!

    the message is loud and clear and i hope that people will try to listen to it. nice post

  7. Wow, that is POWERFUL, Stan. I often look at areas that have been clear cut for yet more houses and wonder when it'll stop. When roads will become more bike-friendly so I can leave my car at home.

    It's going to take awhile, but I think we can do it.

    I hope.

  8. Thanks to:
    greyscale territory; global warming has already become just a catch-phrase, but it's really happening. Glorious summer - winter of discontent?
    totomai; The earth is mother to all of us. I've used the term deliberately, because we wouldn't just stand and watch these things happening to our real mothers.
    susan helene gottfried; Great attitude! If only more felt the same way.