LEADERS - not followers

Friday, August 15, 2008

Matinee Muse 5


My dream is the light
That pours from my hands
It gives me strength,
And the courage I lack
I have good cause
To trust in its demands
As it guides me and
Guards me from attack
This ear to ear smile
I’ll never replace
It will bring me
Good luck, and line my purse
In later life
I will assume my place
Among legends
Celebrated in verse
Abreast of advances
I’ll guarantee
My spot in the limelight
The public gaze
Dynamic and
Flexible, all will see
My life’s achievements
Are worthy of praise

My reality
Darkness; broken strands
Weakness as
The glow fades
To grey; light black
Lost faith, lost direction
In foreign lands
Beaten, forsaken
And stabbed in the back
Emotions betrayed
I’ve no poker face
Life has prepared me to
Expect the worse
In youth I was able
To set the pace
Yesterday’s blessing; life
Is today’s curse
The onslaught of
Modern technology
Cast me adrift
In an uncharted maze
Aggressive, relentless
- A Tsunami
Scatters its debris
…All my yesterdays


  1. Really strong images and a powerful message. Sent shivers down my spine.

  2. Thanks alan bender; Things don't always turn out according to plan, no matter how determined we are.

  3. And we're told we live in an age where any individual can achieve his dreams.
    These offered a marvellous, and often true, contrast.

  4. Thanks anthonynorth; Having dreams is one thing - sometimes outside influences are obstacles, or we dream a little too far beyond our abilities.

  5. what a brilliant portrayal of the difference between the optimism that is youth,, and the reality that is aging.. this is so much truth,, so enjoyable to read,, and yet,, so difficult to look at ....

  6. Thanks paisley. In youth we have our dreams, we reach an age when everything is possible - then we grow up and enter the real world.
    Some manage, others don't.