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Friday, August 1, 2008

Matinee Muse 3

Misguided commitment to someone
who wanted TO BE FREEE


Lady Blue, why do you weep?
Am I really worth your tears?
Better men have held your heart
Shared your passion, nursed your fears

What do you dream, Lady Blue
Behind the shroud of darkness?
Night-times veil insulates
Your secret, silent desires

Intimacy deserts you
Lady Blue, when we’re alone
What are those latent feelings?
Do they yearn another one?

Still, you cry, when you’re alone
Your subconscious, Lady Blue,
Mourns the passing of our love
A love I believed was true

I’m a stronger person now;
My honest self-assessment.
Lady Blue, your love-light pales
Afraid of my commitment?

You drag your past behind you
It’s another ‘Lady Blue’
Lame idiosyncrasy

Turmoil ravages my thoughts
Lost Souls and I, take a walk
Brings me back to my senses
Lady Blue, I want to talk

I came to a decision
Based on my time spent with you
My verdict, my conclusion
You are not my Lady blue

This time…we’re in this thing together. Let’s try
to remember WE’LL ALWAYS HAVE… each other


Tell me I’m wrong; tell me I got it wrong
You think you’re right; you always think you’re right
If I were you, I know what I would do
Keep out of sight, so we don’t have to fight

Competition; you want pole position
You won’t take less than a resounding ‘yes’.
If I say ‘no’, you just tell me to go
Let’s take a guess; my fault we’re in a mess?

Each time you say you want things your own way
You change your mind, telling me I’m unkind
It’s very sad; the things we could have had
But what we find, is we left it behind

Where did it go; the love you used to show?
You were so good; you always said we could
Beat all the odds. You believed that the gods
Were in the know, and our future would glow

If we were true to ourselves, really true
We’d learn from past mistakes and make it last
For our lifetime. Now that we’re in our prime
We shouldn’t rue all the things we’ve been through

Let’s make a vow, as we stand, here and now
What made us cry can just lie down and die
We will never forget its forever
I love you now; I’ll never forget how


  1. both of these resonate with inner strength.. knowing that we have to sever a relationship that is not healthy,, and then standing ones ground... excellent verse in both instances...

    in addition, i just want to let you know i am posting my new poetry on justpaisley.... now, and i sure would love it if you came over and had a look....

  2. No paisley, it didn't work for me (the link), and I tried several times.

  3. These are powerful poems today. Passionate. Determined. Excellent.

  4. Very powerful. Both. I need to re-read.

  5. Thanks to:
    anthonynorth; Should I stay or should I go? Even after weighing it up, you're never sure you've made the right decision.
    gautami tripathy; Yeah - that's kind of implied in the pieces. When decisions have to be made; get all the facts, weigh the pro's and con's, and double check - and still hope for the best.

  6. You put the struggles of a relationship in powerful words

  7. Thanks marja; But it shouldn't really be a struggle...should it?

  8. wow... you have spoken of love's emotional roller coaster... love is not all that easy... no, i mean yes.. sorry, what did you say... i like the pole vault position... pretty much sez it all.. that peaceful battle of power is always there lurking in the background regardless of what we say and feel... is it always to be so... cannot help but to say yes, even though we'd like to think differently... im a stronger person now...let's make a vow.. beautiful lines of love spoken..

  9. Thanks one more believer; Yes it's a very erratic emotion; not least since it involves two. Striking a balance is not always a simple process, and working out why compatibility is so often questioned...and lots of other stuff.