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Monday, August 11, 2008

TOP Three Dogs


Do you see my coat, how it shines?
The lustre that truly defines
My rich pedigree
My proud legacy
A cut above other canines

You think I’m a mongrel bitch
However, my blood-line is rich
I have the credentials
To do the essentials
You’re a dog; you’ll succumb to the itch

What we got

On view for the first time today
The result of their roll in the hay
A pocket-sized puppy
The son of a yuppie
And the siren who led him astray


  1. Hi Stan, clever use of the prompt!

  2. Always the siren's fault. :)

  3. Hi Andy, thanks; I thought of this photo straight away, and took it from there. Parents photo's not available.
    Hi Brian, thanks also; I know what dogs are like, but wanted to to inject a humorous 'class' barrier.
    Full pedigree versus mixed breed.
    Hi just jen, thanks for the info; The puppy is (was) just one week old and the remote is a Nokia N72 phone, to give you a better idea of scale.

  4. Loved them. Some great humour :-)
    Especially the second one.

  5. oh this was great!!! i loved it!!! and the puppy is just too cute!!!

  6. oh, that siren will get you each and every time... in any of the world's species! and males think they rule... HA! :)

    that little itty bitty thing is just too adorable. one of the things i most love in life are kittens and puppies... i love them and i'm one of those suckers that will humor them endlessly. *sigh*

  7. These limericks are the perfect medium for your subject matter! Funny and sweet!

  8. haha, these are great. full of life. the last one particularly resonates in a fun way.

  9. Well you had me chuckling and going "awwwww" in one post... thanks for these amusing canines.

  10. What fun!! Darn those sirens - they create such havoc! Love this post!

  11. Thanks to;
    crafty green poet; No longer a puppy, but still lots of fun.
    anthonynorth; Watching the antics of growing dogs, always provides a few giggles. Older and more serious now? Don't bet on it.
    paisley; Hard to imagine how something so tiny becomes the biggest mouth to be fed.
    rebecca; It's true, us 'ruling' males have one thing (at least) that we've never been able to master.
    linda; Funny and sweet just about sums up bringing up a puppy.
    peterandthehare; I tried to include some of the aspects of relationships (and their results), and attitudes towards them that we could relate to.
    lirone; The mother and father sound like a bit of a handful though don't they?
    tumblewords; darn them indeed - you can't live with them...
    but what would we do without them?

  12. oh thatz so funny!!!... a genteel bitch who woulda thought... how precious.. thrz nothing so sweet as a tiny, brand new puppy..

  13. Thanks one more believer; Still as sweet - though it often takes a bit of work

  14. I love limericks that are so well written.

    And I must admit I love the last line in the second one.... You're a dog; you'll succumb to the itch.

    I posted three poems about dogs too but mine are in three separate posts Dogs of War, Two Pets and My Dog Tom


  15. Thanks bevies-place; I just realised; that doesn't only apply to dogs, does it?