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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

TOP Time To Leave

Can Heaven Wait?

Gather your thoughts, collect your ideas
Your time will come before you even know
No time for blaming others for your faults
When it’s your turn, it’s really time to go
A relative’s identification
Confirms; ‘Long live the queen; the king is dead!’
Ten million people watching TV
Witness the event, ‘live’; unedited
“He’ll go to heaven, rest assured
He never did a bad thing, good old Geoff
Other people will have to wait their turn”
But it doesn’t work that way in ‘real death’
Candidates are literally dying
To qualify for life’s eternal ‘prize’
Goodness knows, the population’s striving
To claim its reward; try it on for size
Behind the scenes, evil men wait each day
To catch the unsuspecting, unawares
Heavens gates, only a lifetime away
“It’s Hell on Earth,” so some say; “No-one cares”
“They can always go to their confessor
And he’ll absolve their deepest, darkest sins”
In life, they’re bad; in death, they’re even worse
The final test will see who really wins
Some think they’re really going to make it
Never stopping, thinking, asking why
They did the things they did, without conscience
They’ll face the Great Confessor in the sky
It’s not something everyone believes in
Some people are content with what they’ve got
Which isn’t really much, let’s be honest
There IS more to life; believe it or not


  1. Yeah, there certainly is more to life... so well said and almost Nairobic! How mad's that?

  2. Hi Andy. Enjoy your hols? I'm sure you did. Thanks for your comment - I kinda see what you mean - but wasn't on my mind when I wrote it (Dr Nairobi may say otherwise).

  3. Love how you suggest the "final test" suggests many things to many people ~ if they wish it to suggest something! Lovely layers of irony!

  4. Ah, the Great Confessor. In the sky, and in our heads. Conscience. Served best when you think the guy in the sky can get you, too.
    Enjoyed this.

  5. you definitely tackled some of my personal objections to the idea of a christian god...

    seems such a waste to believe that this is just a proving ground,, and the only hope we have is a promotion to a world we cannot even begin to understand....

    excellent verse stan...

  6. stan, you do have some very deep thoughts on "life after death" and your verse is excellent. I will just say one thing. There is but ONE GOD and HE loves us all. I myself hope the "win the race and wear the crown" If HE says, "well done my faithful servant" I shall be ready to Leave.
    Well done.


  7. I would like to dwell on it...

    blown away

  8. Provocative piece, for sure. Nicely done!

  9. Thanks to:
    greyscale territory; Freedom of interpretation is good for this one; what you make of 'more to life' is how you percieve what you already have.
    anthonynorth; It can be taken as a light hearted look at perceptions of the subject, but doesn' deny the more serious aspects of conviction of beliefs.
    paisley;Again the interpretation is deliberately open, but I suppose the overall message is - do it your own way and make the most of it.
    beloved dreamer; I respect your belief and applaud it. Never lose sight of what you truly believe.
    gautami tripathy; You may come up with a different perpesctive, using a different angle of approach
    tumblewords; It's not intended to challenge anyone or anything - merely to provoke thought.

  10. Thanks crafty green poet; You just have to decide what you need more of - and its different for everyone.