LEADERS - not followers

Monday, April 1, 2013




Internet headlines announce 'Thirty Pieces'
QWERTY releases from poets who blog
Log on to enter your daily instalments
All meant in fun, but it's old news to some
But old news like no news, is good news, we think
As we sink to our knees in search of our muse
Abused and neglected, rejected, deserted
We flirted and hurt it, and left it behind
We find it's designed to frustrate as we wait
Hesitate at the gate, before entering in...

And that's when the unanswered questions begin...

Like have we been duped...? Is this how it was meant to be...?
Is this the scoop of the twenty first century...?
Plenty verse entry...?
Pages left empty...?
Who's gonna tempt me...?
We'll see...