LEADERS - not followers

Friday, April 12, 2013

NAPOWRIMO 2013 #12



Hesitant, unsure of my next move
Gotta prove my skill, ability
Soon you will see that I'm capable
Not culpable as you suspected

Though a new respect would be my reward
I don't wanna be adored, just rated
Not consecrated, or celebrated
Not run the risk of being hated

So understand the gist, the direction
And why reflection is so crucial
A blunt and brutal self-assessment
A testament to my own status

In the creator's master plan
No disaster can undermine me
Flood and fire cannot intimidate
Underestimate me at your peril

And where all this is leading to
If you're reading through all the bravado
The hard... no, the hardest thing to do
Is to drop my guard and make peace with you

Instrumental contributions from Changnoi: Go on click them!