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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

NAPOWRIMO 2013 # 17



April 17 Year of the Snake

Kim Jong Un, in North Korea
Threatens war; thermonuclear
Pyongyang ready to attack?
Seoul defences, watch your back!

Meanwhile, over in USA
Boston bombers have their say
Finish Line, so near, so far
In the long run, fatal scar

Cyprus, China; here's an oddity
Blamed for price fall in commodities
Crude Oil, Gas, as bad as Gold
Stack it high and get it sold!

British public on its best
Maggie Thatcher, laid to rest
Past mistakes now glorified
Cameron's actions justified

That's the news, now here's the weather
This winter chill might last forever
So wrap up warm and stay indoors
Await the war to end all wars

Instrumental contributions from Changnoi: Go on click them!