LEADERS - not followers

Sunday, May 9, 2010


For Writers Island 2010 #2


Initially, I thought PNG
Rubber-stamped across my book
Meant goodbye to worldwide travel
On planes, trains and automobiles

But the ‘PNG Jib’ guarantees
A safe-passage exit route
A one-way voyage cargo pass
To Papua New Guinea

No ticket, no passport, no visa
But rest assured, travelling light
Under the cover of darkness
Is not as heavy as it seems

‘Baggage’ handled economy class
No upgrade available
Low profile, mile-high club members
Cater for your every need

If you’re Persona Non Grata
‘Stowaway’ doesn’t have to mean
Three months in the cargo hold
Of a cross-pacific ship

It’s not a course I’d recommend
And like other travellers tales
The PNG Jib ‘guarantee’
Is an old backpackers myth