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Saturday, May 1, 2010


For Writers Island 2010 #1


Too long in exile; dreaming…?
An optical illusion?
The heat of the mid-day sun
Playing more tricks on my eyes?

It couldn’t be a bottle
Not after so many years
Castaway on this island
It just couldn’t be… could it…?

Be absolutely certain
That it is what it appears
Before I build my hopes up
In my feeble state of mind

Handle with extreme caution
Thorough examination
Be sure not to cut corners
It may be my only hope

Vitreous, non-crystalline
Brittle, transparent, solid
Cylindrical container
Formed by rapid melt quenching

Lightweight, Quercus Suber cap
Feint French vineyard aroma
Apellation d’origine…?
At a guess… Provence…? Bordeaux…?

And lo and behold, inside…
Just a small scrap of paper
Derived from cellulose pulp
Or possibly even, rags

On that paper… a message!
A short communication
Transmitted by written words
Containing information…!

Any moment now, I know
This dream will come to an end...