LEADERS - not followers

Saturday, May 29, 2010


For Writers Island Prompt #5 2010


Voices in my head
Speak foreign languages
Meanings lost in translation
For reasons I don’t understand

Impulsive urges
Trigger wild reactions
Play havoc with my senses
For reasons beyond my control

Extreme perversions
Erotic; immoral
Pleasurable sensations
For reasons I won’t go into

Arrogant gestures
Cynical responses
Inconsiderate actions
For no particular reason

Erratic mood-swings
Illogical questions
Unpredictable replies
For reasons that never make sense

Distorted focus
Blurred edged images
Lapses of concentration
For reasons that remain unclear

Incomplete concepts
Confusing ideas
Lacking continuity
For reasons I cannot explain

No recollection
Misshapen reminders
Irretrievable knowledge
For reasons I can’t remember

False accusations
Fictional evidence
Spurious allegations
For reasons no one will admit

Records deleted
Identities altered
Anonymity preserved
For reasons that do not exist

Guesswork conclusions
Disorganised chaos
Inaccurate estimates
For reasons that have no basis

Download aborted
Insufficient data
Unavailable signal
For reasons that will not compute