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Saturday, May 1, 2010


For Sunday Scribblings - Event

and they all lived…

after ‘i love you’
things started to happen

things that made us happy
all our dreams came true
church wedding; her in white
me, in a three piece suit

continental holidays
a house we could call home

children to worship
till death do us part

all the modern gadgets
plasma screen TV

mobile telephones
his and hers comforts

rings on every finger
diamonds in her ears

all that she could wish for
no expense was spared
whatever lola wanted
lola got… and then some
‘doesn’t get much better’
couldn’t get much worse
too much was not enough
honeymoon was over
and by coincidence
redundancy happened
left with next to nothing
everything to pay for

apparently i couldn’t
give her what she wanted