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Saturday, May 22, 2010


For Writers Island Prompt #4 2010
Imaginary Friend


At feeding time he paces
From kitchen to living room
From living room to kitchen
From kitchen to living room

He thinks I can’t tell the time
He thinks I don’t care for him
So he paces edgily
Wants all he can eat and more

In return for sustenance
No sticks are fetched, no balls chased
Newspapers and post ignored
For nights out – baby sitters…!

House training lessons – unlearned
Shout ‘Here Boy!’ – Does he mean me?
He could sleep for his country
Whichever one that might be

When I can do without it
That’s the time he’s most alert
The smell of dinner cooking
He can’t get enough of me

Following me around the place
Getting right under my feet
In kitchen heat, I can’t stand
Not enough chefs; still broth spoilt

Sure, he’s a son of a bitch
In more ways than just the one
But I would never swap him
Because he is my best friend

Reprimand hesitated
That thing – with his eyes again
Back end raised, fore legs stretched
Tongue protruding Pavlovesque

Innocence in those eyes
Those eyes soften hardened hearts
Those eyes that stare into mine
As if he’s adoring me