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Wednesday, May 19, 2010



Something a little less mind bending this time.

It was the first fresh peach I had ever tasted.
I could hardly believe how delicious.
At twenty five I was dumbfounded afresh
By my ignorance of the simplest things.

From 'Fulbright Scholars' Birthday Letters by Ted Hughes.
Write a poem inspired by this quote. See you next Wednesday Banditos and remember Bob might not be your Uncle.


Mum’s sister’s live-in lover
Went by the name of Robert.
I used to call him ‘Uncle’
Until I was twenty five.

0h… THAT quote…


Reluctance to entertain
Ideas above his station
A tendency to abstain
From physical temptation
Discipline made him refrain
From seeking the sensation
Promise of punishment, pain
Subdued the fascination
Concepts designed to sustain
A teenager’s frustration

A brief encounter with Jane
Transformed the situation
She was the first to explain
To him; a revelation
An attitude of disdain
Replaced intimidation
He could no longer contain
The urge for celebration
Uncorking vintage Champagne
Completed Jack’s elation