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Saturday, August 8, 2009

New Visa

For Sunday Scribblings - New
And reposted for ABC Wednesday


*Thai-Lao Friendship spanning Mae Nam Khong*
Unveils course to Vientiane Capital

Sprawling, low-rise, Lao community
Waiting Room for Consular Consent
Embassy ‘extension’ exercise
Passport stamp; permission to return

Vacuum-filling Tourist lip-service
Tuk-tuk Temple Trip – Wat Sisaket

Later – Lured by ‘Love Shack’ liquid lunch
Boei Lao pitchers poured in Lao ‘Beirut’
Samlor ride for refills in…‘Samlor
Mao in Lao – Thanks so much ‘Khop Chai Deur’

Hurdles cleared…Hangover; Consul Queue
Visa granted – Mission a success
Next stop – Nongkhai; prior to pushing south
Isan ‘Welcome Home’…well worth the wait


Vignette, Vis-à-Vis Vapid Vacation:

Vital Visa Verification
Veto’s Voluntary Visit

Vagabond ‘VIP’ Van
-Voyagers Vehicle-

Vientiane; Village Vast

Veni; Vidi…;



*The Friendship Bridge, across the Mekong River, links Thailand and Laos
Vientiane is the capital of Laos
Tuk-tuk is a motorised rickshaw
Wat Sisaket is a temple in Vientiane
Love Shack is the nick-name for a jerry-built bar/restaurant in Vientiane
Boei Lao is Beer Lao
Lao ‘Beirut’ is a shanty street on the bank of the Mekong
Samlor means ‘3 wheels’ – official word for ‘Tuk-tuk’
‘Samlor’ is the name of a bar in Vientiane
Mao means ‘drunk’
Khop Chai Deur is a bar in Vientiane – its name means ‘Thank you very much’
Nongkhai is the border town on the Thai side of the Mekong
Isan is the name given to North-eastern Thailand


  1. you gotta like this one. Loved the poem even before the word meanings arrived. nice job

  2. That was great - and I'm glad you put the meanings in :-)

  3. Thanks to:
    Old Grizz; Wetted whistle stop trip...
    Anthony North; Glad it proved a successful trip.
    Andy; and good to be back.
    Americanising Desi; fun feom formality...
    Gautami Tripathy; Awesome trip!

  4. great post. I almost felt I was there with you.

  5. interesting and informative - loved it!

  6. I would call this a globalization post.

  7. Thanks to:
    Lilly; It was all over so quickly.
    Dee Martin; We live and learn.
    Megha; I like to come home with stories...this time it was just too brief.

  8. sabaidee mai krap?

    absolutely enthralled by this writing. the V's are genius and the first poem brought back lots of thai memories

  9. Holy macaronio on the 'V' poem. That's a gold medal poem. And Waiting Room Only makes perfect sense without the notes, but the notes make a second reading so much more lively.

  10. Thanks to;
    Totomai; Sabai dee khrap.
    I thought you might relate.
    Jeeves; One of many.
    Julia Smith; Yes, less can be more.
    Whitesnake; Well, it's like this...

  11. Very nice! The form is just as enjoyable as reading it!

  12. Thanks Bobbie; glad you enjoyed it.

  13. You're bringing me along, right into this scene. Nicely done!

  14. Thanks Roger; Comment appreciated.