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Friday, November 14, 2008

Writers Island

For WIJ6 Embarrassing Predicament



October hanging heavy in the air
Kippax crowd subdued throughout half-time
Someone passes wind amongst the throng
Silently, anonymously – then
A stench that lingers, clinging to October
And cigarette smoke, and fumes of alcohol
Turns murmurs into gasps of deep disgust
From twenty thousand City fans – or more
A plaintive voice is heard, above the moans
“Who’s shit?” He cries – The culprit won’t admit
Silence follows; rancid reek remains
Another voice cuts silence like a knife
“United.” is his logical response
Howls of laughter, all around the ground

Like my mother always used to say
“Ask a silly question…”

For Matinee Muse Communication Barriers


For a second there, I thought you were serious
Do me a favour, and say it again
Say it like you mean it; the same as the last time
Without the smile that disguises your pain

That ironic guard, a defence mechanism
That tells me you don’t believe what you see
Acknowledge the concept of mutual respect
Take it as an absolute; guarantee

If you open your heart, as you open your eyes
The fog that shrouds your perceptions will clear
Discard the attitude of notions agnostic
Doubts will fade, as your mind clicks into gear

Now that we’re certain we understand each other
Nothing can deflect our integrity
Confidence ensures we achieve the next level
Reflecting our depth of sincerity


  1. Thanks Missy; It's based on an actual incident.

  2. fantastic image...the stench that lingers...great.

  3. Thanks *sis*; One of those days when the air is so thick, nothing escapes.

  4. Hi Stan the football poem is spot on. I was thinking along those lines too with my recent posting 'Changes' but you say it so well here.

  5. oh that first one was 'a gas'!!!

    so much of what is said is an ingrained knee jerk reaction... oh how i wish we had the opportunity to rewind,, replay and edit ... what a kinder world we just might be....

  6. I love the first piece, the humor and the images. Coming from a football city, it resonates on quite a few levels, lol.


  7. Thanks to:
    Andy; I got that - hence my comment - 'uni-ted' happens. Can't remember the month (or year), but I bet many can remember the incident.
    Paisley; Some of the funniest yhings we remember are spontaneous 'outbursts'.
    Elizabeth; Just one of hundreds of crazy Match memories.

  8. ohhh, that smell -lol

  9. Thanks Cricket, and 'Hi'; A definite 'no ball', just isn't 'cricket', is it?