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Monday, November 24, 2008

TOP Kyrielle


As wishes filter through the trees
And drift forever on the breeze
We celebrate an answered prayer
A gentle breath of cool, fresh air

A new addition to the clan
To complement The Master Plan
A gift of graceful beauty fair
A gentle breath of cool, fresh air

กรพิณธุ์Gorrapin - ‘Diamond’
Born 26 Feb 2008

Seductive sparks that mesmerise
Define the smiles that light her eyes
The wind that whispers through her hair
A gentle breath of cool, fresh air

Such priceless treasures for our boy
Inspire displays of heartfelt joy
And acts of love, beyond compare
A gentle breath of cool, fresh air

ภูรินทร์ – Purin - ‘Changnoi’ (Elephant Small)
Born 9 Aug 2001

As patient play develops trust
His influence descends like dust
Illuminates the dark, to share
A gentle breath of cool, fresh air

So wish upon a summer breeze
And rise above the reach of trees
Unleashing thanks in words of prayer
A gentle breath of cool, fresh air


  1. oh stan,, your children are absolutely adorable... but then you already know that....

    what a fun verse.. i am a huge fan of repetition,, and you used it to perfection here....

  2. that's just lovely! and gorgeous children! :)

  3. Beautiful words and beautiful children.

  4. Thanks to:
    Paisley; When they're good, they're good...actually that's most of the time.
    *sis*; I hope the piece compliments them, ans vice versa.
    Bella Rum; They love life and make us so happy.

  5. Hi Stan, nice to see Changnoi and Diamond on the blog! Great poetry, as ever! Love the refrain.

  6. Hi Andy; I should write more about them.

  7. That was a lovely testament to your kids. I've got seven so if I did it, it would be a long, long poem.

  8. Thanks Anthony; 7 wonders - Must be a lot of hard work though.

  9. Oh, what a pleasure this is to read and re-read! Lovely work...the lines are perfect and the children perfect!

  10. Such a gift! Love the meanings of your kids' names!

    A beautiful poem that I'm sure the kids will enjoy listening to. I can just see them inflating every time they hear these wonderful things about themselves.

  11. Thanks to:
    Tumblewords; Far from perfect/ but as close as kids get.
    Linda Jacobs; I named the blog after our son; and our daughter is just so precious.