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Friday, November 21, 2008

Mad Kane's Dental Verse


In rural Thailand, a habit of many, mainly older women,
is to mix a lime-based powder into a paste, spread it on

an ivy-like leaf, and add TON KHUEN – wood chippings
from a certain tree. Then roll it all into a ‘parcel’,
place in the mouth, and chew, before spitting out
the resulting red-stained solution. The teeth also
become stained, and gradually turn black.

Photographs by Kanpirom Srisongnang


Bored with pearly whites?
Apply KHIEO MARK twice a day
For that darker look.


Old age is affecting my teeth
No longer can I eat roast beef
The thought of things dental
Is driving me mental
Though false teeth might be a relief


  1. 'Love both of these' - I smile, with my mouth tightly shut.

  2. and you know i have to ask,, what is the purpose behind the old women chewing on the parcel that blackens their teeth????

    currently in the midst of some extensive dental work,, i have to side with the limerick,, would have been quicker, easier and a hell of a lot cheaper to just go 'fake'!!

  3. Fun verse! Thanks for participating in my latest prompt!

  4. Thanks to:
    Andy; I'm long overdue at the dentist too.
    Paisley; They tell me it's a mild narcotic. When the chewing is finished, they rub their teeth with tobacco to slow down the staining process.
    ...And a lot less painfu l too, no doubt.
    Mad Kane; A pleasure, as always.

  5. I loved this. It was so informative, and your poetry is fun. :)

  6. Thanks Joyce; I try to look on the light side.