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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

TOP Expectations


When I smell it,
It will smell of roses
I have the nose to take in the bouquet
When I taste it,
It will satisfy me
I have the mouth to savour the flavour
When I hear it,
It will then be spoken
I have the ears to listen to voices
When I touch it,
It will assume substance
I have the hands to feel the shape of things
When I see it,
It will be apparent
I have the eyes to witness the event
When I think it,
It will make perfect sense
I have the mind to imagine concepts
When I say the words,
They will all be sincere
I have the tongue to say what I believe
When I open it,
It will then be unlocked
I have the key to the door to your thoughts
When I use it,
It will be practical
I have the skill to perform the function


When I need it,
It will abandon me
I haven’t the confidence any more


  1. oh that is killer... no matter how complete we want to believe we are,, there is always an area in which we are lacking... and often ,, just that one area of 'less' can constitute a complete breakdown in the 'more' we seek to experience...

    oh i really love this one...

  2. Thanks Paisley; Exactly the point I intended to convey - although I would include also, the belief others have in us.

  3. The more we expect, less we get. I say it in a layman's language...

  4. Excellent ending. If we ever become complete, what then?

  5. Strong and wise with the power of expectations, met and not!

  6. So much truth in these lines!

    Although, your talent didn't abandon you when you wrote this poem! It rocks!

  7. Hi Stan, this is the level we've come to expect of you!

    Our sense of expectation, grows by the minute. stick with it.

    Your voice is reaching out!

  8. Thanks to:
    Gautami Tripathy;And with it comes responsibility - can we handle it?
    Anthony North; the more that's expected of us the more we (try to) take on.
    Tumblewords; Even things we know we can do can be intimidating.
    Linda Jacobs; Doing it is one thing; doing it well is another; doing it consistently well...
    Andy; I'll certainly put the theory to the test.