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Saturday, November 8, 2008

Writers Island 5

For Matinee Muse - Bond of Brotherhood

It also works for Sunday Scribblings - Change


Village Isan; Amazing Thailand
Here’s a thing that’s truly exotic
Don’t call them ‘Siamese’ twins; they’re Thai
Identical; Monozygotic

Tong, on the left (or is it the right?)
Won the ‘Long’ look-alike contest
Long, on the right (or is it the left?)
Won the ‘Tong’ look-alike contest

It’s pure poetry watching them play
Synchronized structure to their games
Interchangeable identities
And they’ve even got those rhyming names

The bond of brotherhood that exists
Between twins, is like no other
I should know – I’m one of a pair
With my Dizygotic twin brother

For Writers Island 5 – Champion
and Sunday Scribblings - Change

We need a CHAMPION to combat
Global Warming and Climate Change


Equinox confirms the rumour
Spread by merchants of gossip’s ware
The wicked queen, called Winter, is dead
Long live the Spring – Her son and heir

Bashful buds begin to blossom
Birds, in song, relieve the gloom
Their news provokes the latest issue
Of Life, from Mother’s swollen womb

The aging king submits to Summer
Abdicates; can’t stand the heat
New Chef crowned, to run the Kitchen
His reign is short, however sweet

Pressure rising from the outset
Well-meaning Monarch fans the fire
Glorious Summer, but a heartbeat
Dreams diminish…ebb…expire

Death-throes in September sunset
Perspiration pours from the ground
Sultry Summer is laid to rest
As twilight falls, without a sound

Desperate Despot, Autumn attacks
His toxic onslaught strips Earth bare
Harvest Moon, the reapers watchdog
Smiles on spoils, the toilers share

Fall’s legacy or deja-vu?
Crystal tears greet God’s sad sigh
Veiling the vanity of Venus
First to form in the ferment’s eye

Regina rises; resolute
From Autumn’s ashes; duty bent
No frigid fragment of the former
A latter-day Lady of Discontent

Bleached blonde, by the biting blizzard
Winter’s wasteland; desolate
Designed, contrived by Royal Decree
Signed and delivered, to seal our fate

(20 CHAMPION tracks
Each a landmark in my life,
provoking some fantastic memories.
There are many others, but I whittled
it down to just 20 classic tracks)

‘Evening Over Rooftops’
By The Edgar Broughton Band
Pharaoh Sanders – ‘The Creator
Has A Master Plan’
‘The Harder They Come’ – A lesson
Learnt by Jimmy Cliff
‘There Is A Light That Never Goes Out’
Says Morrissey and The Smiths
“Feed The Enemy’ - Magazine
Joy Division – ‘Atmosphere’
‘For A Dancer’ – Jackson Browne
Pink Floyd – ‘Wish You Were Here’
‘Four Strong Winds’ – By Neil Young
‘The Passenger’ – Iggy Pop rocks!
‘The Future’ – Leonard Cohen
‘When You Walk Through Me’ – Ultravox!
‘I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings’
Maya Angelou/Branford Marsalis
‘A Salty Dog’ – Procul Harem
‘Ripples’ – Sung by Genesis
Digable Planets – ‘Cool Like That’
Van Morrison – ‘Enlightenment’
The Stone Roses – ‘Elephant Stone’
The Doors – ‘Land Ho’ – Excellent
And ‘Free Bird’ – Lynard Skynard
Makes twenty tracks, all told
Words and music – memories;
Worth their weight in gold!

(But there is one in ChampIon)

The only sport I ever wanted to play, is Football
(The Beautiful Game)
The best football teams all have an ‘I’ in them:

World Cup:


2008 Olympic CHAMPIONS:


European Clubs:

Man United
Glasgow Celtic
Real Madrid
AC Milan

And just take a look at the recent exploits of these teams:

Wigan Athletic
Hull City


  1. With regard to twins .... 'the more they change the ore they stay the same'.

  2. Twins are indeed an enigma. In some ways they are alter egos and in some ways reflections.

    And an interesting observation on the "i" in champion! Quite thought-provoking!

  3. A great variation here - even though I was a Les Paul man, myself ;-)

  4. LOVE the no I in Team.

    I will have to share this with my son, he also loves to point out that there isn't an I in theam but there sure as shootin' is in wIn!

  5. The twins are adorable. I want to hug them. I think, in all my teaching career, I've taught twenty sets of twins. Only one, I couldn't tell apart. They hated it, but I just couldn't. To this day I can't.

  6. holy christ stan,,, where do i begin???

    the twins poem was ingenious!! simply ingenious!!

    the chiller was about as finely crafted as a poem can be,, i kid you not,, as i read thru it i felt as if i was privy to some lost work from some famed poet of yesteryear... seldom do i get that feeling when reading poetry on the web....

    and i must comment on the 'no i in team' piece,, as i always use that phrase to explain why i am not a team player!!!!!

    you really outdid yourself today!!

  7. There is an aweful lot happening here. I'd like to be twin. My local team is Eastbourne United. Must be good cos it has an I!! At least I thinks it's called that, but on the other hand it could be Eastbourne Town. Oh well, never mind.

  8. Thanks to:
    Rinkly Rimes; As a twin myself, I can relate to that.
    Greyscale Territory; I think the similarities as well as the differences are more surprising when comparing twins.
    Anthony North; I never played guitar, but I knew lots of people involved in bands (some actually made it). Most guitarists I knew had to settle for cheap copies.
    Molly;Just a bit of fun...or perhaps not.
    Lilibeth; I know quite a few twins, and I've never had any trouble identifying them. Maybe that's a twins thing.
    Paisley; What can I say to that? Except 'Thank you'.

  9. Thanks Rosey; To be honest, Town, or United makes no difference - I conveniently 'forgot' to mention the likes of Chelsea and Arsenal.

  10. the very first moment i saw the title, same same, i know its related to Thailand. i think i have used that words a hundred times when i stayed there :-)

    loved the poem

  11. Hi!
    I liked all three! They were awesome! Take Care!!


  12. Hi Stan, you've really pushed the boat out here, great poetry and imformative to boot. Notice you didn't mention 'God's own' in the football bit - even though they are reportedly the richest club on the planet they still managed to get beat again today at home in the Manchester rain.
    Does our Henry know that you call him dizzy whatsit?

  13. Thanks to:
    Totomai; Used it 100 times - must have heard it 1,000, times - chai mai?
    Sherrie; Hi, and thanks for visiting.
    Andy, Hughes hues are not true blue - pass it on. He's trying to fix what ain't broke, with inferior parts. And yeah, our 'H' knows - but if he is, then so am I!

  14. what a fun and engaging piece about the twins - loved it!!! - thanks for the visit

  15. Hi Danni;Thanks for your thoughts.

  16. I love the twins piece, but of course, it's the 20 tunes that has me smiling the most. Nicely done, Stan!

  17. Thanks Susan Helene Gottfried; It could have been 200 - I kept it away from mainstream, and wanted to show my appreciation of a wide variety of styles.