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Tuesday, June 15, 2010


For Big Tent Poetry

It’s Wordle time!
This week’s words were pulled from a widely published poet’s work.
Your prompt this week is to pick one or any number of these words and write a poem!
Next week we’ll reveal who the mystery poet is in the Come One, Come All post.
We hope this prompt will inspire you to read and write more poetry!


Ever wondered where Heaven is?
Look around you, you will find
The land of milk and honey is
A suburb of purgatory

Where the ignorant know comfort
Through preying on our misfortune
While our own children go hungry
Though seemingly oblivious

To the dull ache in their stomachs

Ambition can be dangerous
When living in the Dark Ages
Where we play out our walk-on part
In the lives of wannabe stars

Therefore we do not resent them
We offer only thanks and praise
Cough timidly for attention
As we tug at our forelocks

… We’re a people who know our place.