LEADERS - not followers

Saturday, June 19, 2010


For Writers Island prompt#8 2010


I sussed you out man
From the moment I laid eyes
You made it easy

I seen you coming
In the corner of my eye
I got your number

Ain’t got no reason
For the things you wanna do
You got a problem

You gotta learn man
To accept the way you are
And take it easy

Just how many times
Do I have to tell you why
How many times man

Tell me so I know
And we’ll try to go down slow
Like in the movies

Gotta get along
Tell me which way turns you on
We’ll do it all man

What more could you want
From your fickle style of life
What do you need man

Don’t take my word man
It’s a racing certainty
It’s safe as houses

I’ll catch ya later
When the mood suits me just fine
Know what I mean man

You take it easy
And remember who you are
I’ll teach you how man

You make it easy
I can see it in your eyes
I sussed you out man