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Saturday, June 12, 2010


For Writers Island Prompt #7 2010
And Monday Poetry Train Revisited


Thinking a lot

about my Dad

He would have been
ninety years old
on the first of June
Twenty Ten

He didn’t do
Metaphorical Milestones

‘Unnecessary fuss’

I think that’s because
they served as reminders
of things he’d rather
have chosen to forget

Terrible things

Unspeakable things

He’d survived the War
Nazi and Communist

leading to allied conscription

One of just a few
who came down the hill

Monte Cassino

Bloody Battlefield
to Bloody Battlefield

to Palestine

before England
where he spent
the next sixty years
struggling long and hard

to survive the peace

At home
Dad was one of those guys
you only needed to ask once

He didn’t forget or ignore

Ask him three months in advance
He’d remember

Every detail

He just had a gift for it

I once made the mistake
of reminding him
two weeks after first asking

You know what he said?

‘I heard you the first time’

I’m kinda like him
I don’t forget

If I can help it

I’ll never forget Dad

I can’t help it