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Saturday, June 26, 2010

MAG 20

For Magpie Tales


Recent excavations have revealed
The very first toothbrushes
Oral hygiene, Egyptian style
Five thousand years old ‘Crestwells’

Ever since then, mankind has used
Tree twigs and roots; birds feathers
All manner of organic tools
From porcupine quills to bones

Roots and twigs of ‘Arak’ tree, had
Antiseptic qualities
While Baking Soda; Chalk, rubbed in
Has served as toothpaste for years

Those synthetic, man-made fibres
Used in toothbrushes today
Replaced the natural products
Back in Nineteen Thirty Eight

And then in Two Thousand and Three
Toothbrush voted Number One
Invention that Americans
Couldn’t live their lives without